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I am super excited to be reviewing Moi-Meme’s first box for the year 2020! The box theme for this Winter is The Glow Box, and for this box they have chosen products that will help give you an all round boost. Wellbeing, happiness, nourishment and indulgence is what Moi-Meme encourage instead of deprivation or drastic health kicks so this box is perfect to kick start a new year with. A box full of treats that is focused on helping you to find your inner and outer glow this year in a more loving sort of way.


MOI-MEME Cotton Gym/Weekend Bag (£30) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn most people’s to do list at the start of a new year is heading to the gym or starting a new fitness class, so I can see why this product would come in handy for the start of a new year. This is a French terry cotton duffel bag which is a lovely soft cotton. It is branded with the Moi-meme logo on the side and has a secure zip closure, nice long handles and even an inside pocket too. The bag holds a 22 Litre capacity and comes in two colours either black or grey marl. I got given the grey marl colour which I am super happy about and personally would of picked that shade if I had the choice. It’s surprised me at how much stuff can actually fit inside this bag and I will definitely be using it for an overnight bag for sure.

MSH Bobble Hat or Faux Fur Scarf (£15)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs Moi-Meme is UK based they know that in January and February months it is still cold, so it’s perfect that they have included a clothing item to keep us toasty warm before Spring arrives. They chose two accessories you could of either of received a knitted hat with a faux fur pom pom or a faux fur scarf…Here are the exact types you could of been given;

  • Taupe & Cream Faux Fur Scarf
  • Dark & Light Grey Faux Fur Scarf
  • Dark Grey with Leopard Star Faux Fur Scarf
  • Dark Grey With Light Grey Star Faux Fur Scarf
  • Dark & Light Grey Hat
  • Grey & Cream Hat
  • Grey Hat

I did get given a faux fur scarf however, it is a super short one as it just tucks through a gap on one side which just sits around the neck, personally is wasn’t my sort of style as I love huge blanket scarfs to wrap up warm in so I easily exchanged to a knitted hat of my choice instead. I chose the Grey and Cream hat as I don’t have a hat in those colours so thought it would be nice for a new change. The hat is lovely and is made from a thick knitted materiel so it will definitely keep my head warm and the pom pom also detaches with a popper button so it is perfect for when needing to wash the hat. 

MYROO Om Oil Post Exercise Bath, Body & Massage Oil (£24)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a lovely sounding body massage oil by the brand myroo. You get 85g for £24. This ‘OM Oil’ can be used as a post exercise body oil or can be enjoyed even without exercising too. It has been designed to re-balance and relax muscles and you can add just a capful to a warm bath also. I love that you can use it as either a bath or body massage oil. All of it’s ingredients are wonderful and it’s packed with 100% plant based ingredients that are vegan, cruelty, gluten and nut free. The blend includes Safflower, Jojoba and Rosehip Oils which all replenish and nourish tired skin and it also has a smoky blend or essential oils that soothes and relaxes tired minds aswell as the tired body. It does smell wonderful and I’m looking forward to using this especially as a treat after a long day at work.

FIGS & ROUGE Rose Glow Halo Dew Drops (£28)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the most perfect product for a glow themed box. It’s Figs & Rouge Rose Glow Halo Dew Drops and comes with 30ml of product for £28. You can add this to your foundation or moisturiser to add a soft and subtle shimmery glow to your complexion. It can even be used ontop of your foundation as an illuminator. I have tried this out on bare skin and it looks extremely pretty, it’s got a gorgeous shimmery sheen to it and creates a lovely natural glow. It has a blend of Rose Quartz, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins A, C and E to moisture and revitalise the skin aswell as creating a gorgeous glow. I can see this becoming a non-makeup day favourite of mine. I just have to mention that the packaging is also beautiful and simple which I love. 

KATIE LOXTON Set Of 4 Pencils (£4) + Set Of 3 Pens (£5)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve never received pencils or pens in a subscription box before and honestly it’s not something I would of asked for however it was a sweet treat as Moi-Meme gave us both of Katie Loxton Pencils and Pens instead of just pencils or pens. (So that was nice.) These are pretty cute as they come in lovely pastel colours. The pencils have a mood-boosting positive message on the side written in gold lettering which is a nice touch. The pens are standard ballpoint pens with similar pastel colours to the pencils so now I have a nice new stationary set to start 2020 with.

RAW HALO Mylk & Vanilla (£3)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYummy! There is an edible treat in this box by the brand Raw Halo. Moi-Meme chose two flavours either Mylk & Vanilla or Mylk & Pink Himalayan Salt. I got given the Mylk & Vanilla one which is perfect for me. The bars are organic and vegan and are gluten and dairy free. The Mylk is from a blend of Lucuma Powder and creamed Coconut (Lucuma is a Peruvian fruit which has a rich caramel flavour to it.) The ingredients in these chocolates have been sourced from small, organic farms which are traded at a fair price. It was lovely to read about the Raw Halo brand in the box’s booklet as it said that for every 50 bars sold Raw Halo plant a tree in partnership with One Tree Planted. That’s lovely! So I can enjoy this chocolate not feeling guilty and knowing about all the goodness in it…wonderful!  

Overall, this box has a lovely mix of items. The total worth of this box adds up to bang on £100. My favourite product has to be Figs & Rouge Rose Glow Drops. I do adore Moi-Meme boxes usually however if I’m being totally honest I feel this box hasn’t been as good as some of their previous ones. More recently they have started to add their own brand of products in which is nice and a personal touch but when your paying around £50 for a box I would prefer to see more well known brands included instead. I have also noticed that alot of their clothing accessories comes from the brand MSH so it would be nice to see a few different brands in future boxes. I didn’t want to say that I totally loved this box so much and I felt I wanted to write about the points this box could improve on. Like I said I usually adore this box and the selection this month was great overall. 

A Little Bit More Information… Moi-Meme include products from unique brands and every box they dispatch has a lovely variety of items included. They are slightly different from other subscription boxes as they offer an exchange option for products that have different choices (eg: Colour, design, fragrance etc…) so if your not happy with the item they picked out for you, you can get your hands on the one you wanted instead. Which is a great addition to a subscription box!

If you love the contents of this box and their previous boxes I highly recommend subscribing to them, their boxes are always worth the money. The Moi Meme Luxe box (quarterly box) retails for £54.95 and with every box you always get roughly double the amount you paid for. Or you could opt for their Moi-Meme Monthly box which retails for £22.95. Or perhaps you’ll treat yourself to both!

If you are thinking about subscribing to Moi-Meme or want to try out a box then I have a personal code that will give you £5 off your first box! BEYOUCHAR5-2(Please Note – This is NOT a sponsored post I buy these boxes with my own money as I fell in love with the box itself. Moi-Meme gave me the chance to give others £5 off their first box with a personal code to share with all of you lovely readers if your interested in subscribing yourself.)Love, Charlotte

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