Simple Tips To Help You Gain More Control Over Your ‘Workaholic’ Self

Afternoon Lovelies, 

I thought this week I would write a couple of tips on the topic of working too much aka being a ‘workaholic.’ For me the key to a good balanced life and feeling at my optimum well-being state is when I have a good grasp on a good work/life balance. I feel when I have my work/life balance in check then I perform at my best and get more enjoyment out of life. I’ve never classed myself as a workaholic as I am quite good at keeping that work/life balance however, I know a few people who have struggled with this and I have seen how it can create stress and make the person feel all burned out. So even though I’m writing about something that hasn’t necessarily affected me I have got some insight into the workaholic lifestyle and I wanted to write this post for others who maybe struggling with getting that work/life balance right. If you class yourself as a ‘workaholic’ then I hope that these tips will help you to get your workaholic self more under control.

  • Be Clear On What Work Actually Is – Some people think that if it feels hard it’s work and if it feels easy it’s assumed not work however this is not true. You could be working far to much but you still feel like it’s easy. Working constantly can really take a strain on your mental health, overall wellbeing, relationships, physical health and other areas of your life too. Everyday if you are just focusing on what’s on your work to do lists and it becomes the only thing that you are doing then it can take a serious toll on your quality of life. I would recommend writing two lists, one that is work related (for example: to do stuff at work, work/chores around the home, anything that needs doing that involves your business on the side, basically anything that involves computers and emails), then write a second list that’s not work related (for example: catch up with a loved one, playing games, reading, eating your favourite snack, walking, a hobby etc…) Then spend a little bit of time observing what you wrote down for each list and ask yourself this question – Where is your time most spent?
  • Introduce Into Your Life Morning And Evening Rituals – Start to include a daily morning routine that nourishes you, it could be anything that nourishes you personally or perhaps a morning meditating session, practising gratitude, positive journalling or reading a motivating book. Also a good tip for the morning is not to wake up to your phone buy an actual alarm clock instead as it prevents the urge to start looking up on your phone first thing upon waking (which isn’t the best start to your day.) In the evening set time aside for a ‘power down’ each night. Switch off your phone and any other device you might get distracting notifications from, make some dinner, connect with the people you live with, do a wind down meditation for the end of the day, perhaps include some me-time and give yourself a well deserved bubble bath or face mask, snuggle down into your bed and read. These are just some ideas of mine I am sure that you will be able to think of morning and evening rituals that are personal to you and what you would like to do and what would benefit you the most. 
  • Spend Some Time Acknowledging Your Opinions And Own Thoughts – Ask yourself some questions like; What activities help you feel relaxed? How do you feel when you are not working? What steps can you take to ensure you create some boundaries around not working? What can you take around with you so you can have downtime anywhere? (headphones to listen to a relaxing soundscape, pens and notebook for drawing when on your commute etc…) Ask yourself questions relevant to relaxation time and ones on how to better balance the work in your life. 
  • Give Yourself A Set Phone Time – Understand how much you actually do pick up your phone per day and how long you actually spend just browsing through random stuff. (You’ll probably be surprised at how much you use your phone in a day.) Set some strict phone hours that you stick to but allow yourself at a certain time each day to browse through your phone for a select amount of time too (maybe 20/30 minutes.) You will probably be shocked at how much more free time you’ve just opened up now your not just mindlessly being on your phone and you will probably feel more at ease during your relaxation time because your phone won’t be a distraction anymore.
  • Write Some Personal Positive Mantras – They could be things like ‘I can do better next time as there is always room for me to change and shift’ or ‘Take one day at a time.’ Having some positive affirmations/mantras to refer back to when your feeling down or stressed out helps you to reframe the negative thoughts into a more positive outlook. I didn’t want to give too many positive affirmation/mantra ideas as they need to be personal to you so take some time to find the ones that speak to you and your situation the most. 

    Hopefully these tips will inspire you to prioritise your work/life balance, so you can enjoy life to it’s fullest.Love, Charlotte


3 thoughts on “Simple Tips To Help You Gain More Control Over Your ‘Workaholic’ Self

  1. This article deserves at least hundred comments! I am surprised to see none! Well, in my opinion your view about work-life balance is correct and your suggestions are very practical and helpful. Keep writing such awesome articles. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. It’s wonderful to hear that you found the suggestions helpful, and good to hear that you also agree on my work-life balance opinion too. Thank you for stopping by and reading! Take Care Xx

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