All About Collagen + Some Natural Collagen Booster Tips

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If your into all things skincare I know that you’ll already be familiar with Collagen (and your probably already using it through your skincare routine if your goal is to achieve a more youthful complexion.) However, there are so many other benefits that this protein gives us; It’s an important component of our connective tissue ligaments, muscles, tendons and skin. Collagen is what makes our tissues move and grow and yes it is true it really does keep our skin from sagging over time. Before I mention about the 5 Natural Collagen booster tips I find that it’s better to research and explore deeper into something to understand it abit better…

All About Collagen

Collagen is found in the connective tissue in the middle layers of your skin, the molecule combines with other collagen molecules which form a mesh-like network. This works together with elastin which is super important for giving structure to the skin whilst giving it elasticity also. Not only is it important for maintaining good skin it also plays an important role in your bone and joint health too. When you are in your 20’s, your body starts to produce less collagen which means overtime your hair becomes thinner, you notice more sagging and wrinkles, you might develop weaker joints etc…and by the time the menopause hits the body actually stops the production of collagen altogether. There is some good news though. Alot of talk that I have heard before is that we age mainly depending on our genes however, this is not a true fact. There has been studies done that show that DNA contributes to around just 10% of our overall ageing process (which isn’t much at all.) The other 90% is based on our own lifestyle. Which is great news as our own lifestyle is something we have some control over.

Looking after collagen is so important as the more collagen you have the easier it is to maintain… if you can keep the collagen you have strong and alive the better you will age. I like to visual collagen like scaffolding, it keeps everything nicely in place and strong. So it’s definitely worth considering looking after. If your looking to stay young and plumped up you should put your focus into making new stimulating collagen aswell as looking after and protecting what collagen you currently have. Below are my 5 natural collagen booster tips to get you started…

  1.  Include More Protein In Your Diet – When your body produces collagen it combines amino acids and you can get more of this from eating protein rich foods. Foods like chicken, fish, diary products and beans are great for more protein. Eating foods that contain minerals and nutrients like Vitamin A and C, Zinc and Copper can also help too. It’s always important to maintain a healthy balanced and varied diet and doing this can also help your collagen production process also. 
  2. Up Your Vitamin C Intake – There are 3 amino acids which make up the protein Collagen and these are; Glycine, Proline and hydroxyproline. Some research shows that Vitamin C is essential for normal collagen production. Collagen synthesis happens mostly in the cells of fibroblasts, these are cells which have the main function of synthesising collagen and stroma (which are connective tissue cells.) So it’s logic to up your intake of vitamin C and you can also use skincare products that contain Vitamin C too for that extra boost to help the vital collagen process of collagen synthesis.
  3. Increase Your Sleep – Getting more sleep is extremely important. Late bedtimes, disrupted sleep and stress can all contribute to lower levels of collagen. When we do not get sufficient rest our collagen cells don’t reproduce at a speed and quality that well rested cells would do. So aiming to get a good 7-8 hours of sleep each night is key. And that’s a lovely thought to know that your body cells are doing brilliant things working hard for you whilst your enjoying a peaceful nights slumber and some much needed rest. 
  4. Use Aloe Vera –  Aloe Vera is a great ingredient to include in your skincare products as it’s brilliant for fighting off free radicals because it includes high levels of zinc. Free radicals are those pesky culprits to damaged skin and ageing signs, and when your fighting off the free radicals then your skin cells can continue to produce collagen and remain elastic. 
  5. Consider Adding The Ingredient Seaweed To Your Skincare – A powerful anti-ageing compound is Fucus Serratus (which is Seaweed extract.) When used it has been known to prevent damage to amino acids in the skin whilst also protecting and reinforcing cell membranes too. It’s incredibly rich in antioxidants (like polyphenols) which provide protection against environmental damage to the skin by neutralising the free radicals. Seaweed extract also helps to support the production of dermal collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. There has been research done that found seaweed collagen helps to regenerate damaged tissue, lessen wrinkle depth and stimulate the skin after sun damage or free radical damage. A little tip is finding this seaweed extract in a serum rather than a moisturiser because serums work on a deeper level as they are usually thinner and lighter in formula and have smaller particles which can penetrate easier through the pores.Love, Charlotte


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