Afternoon Lovelies, 

I received my Spring FabFitFun box at the start of this week, and I have been extremely excited to share the box contents with you all. This box is full of goodies that are essential for transitioning into the spring months ahead and there is an incredible selection of products inside this seasons box. FabFitFun brought something new to the products this season called FFF Throwbacks, these are much loved products that have been in previous boxes before…I think it’s a wonderful idea as if you missed the chance to pick them for your box beforehand it means you have a chance to try them out this time around. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is quite alot of information to cover about the box’s subscription details however all of the information you will be able to find at the bottom of this review if your wanting to know more. 


Products That ALL SUBSCRIBERS Can Choose From:

DONNI. Ribbed Sweater Coat $99OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOut of the options I chose this beautiful oversized lightweight cardigan by the brand DONNI. It’s named as a sweater coat but I would say it’s a more like a spring/summer cardigan. Its got a lovely simple light grey and white thin stripe design and looks simple and elegant on. It usually retails for $99 so it’s an absolute bargain and treat to have included as an item in this box. It’s got great drop pockets that have alot of room for things and I love the three quarter length sleeve design. The material is also of wonderful quality. I can see this as my new fashion staple in my spring wardrobe and I’m so excited to start wearing! 

Other Options To Choose From: 

  • REVIVE Light Therapy Glo Wrinkle And Anti-Ageing Light Device $68
  • CARAVAN Diamond Woven Rug $48
  • SUMMER & ROSE Navy Diamond Tote $50
  • WEST ELM Indigo Tie-Dye Bowls $39
  • ELEMIS Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil $59

CALPAK Set Of 3 Packing Cubes (Either in Sorbet or Tutti Fruity) $40

Sorbet – On Top, Tutti Fruity – On Bottom

I have never ever thought of packing cubes before for easier packing on trips, so when I saw these I knew I just had to get them. I knew that I would love them and use them alot so I decided to also add an additional choice for only an extra $15 and get both of the packing cubes. I thought both of the designs were lovely and getting another set for just $15 when they are usually $40 was a bargain I couldn’t resist. I chose the Sorbet packing cubes set for my choice for the box and added the Tutti Fruity one for the additional extra.

These are by the brand Calpak and are made with such good quality. Each set has 3 different sized cubes (1 Large, 1 Medium, 1 Small) and they all are zip locked with a breathable mesh front to keep the contents fresh. It also contains a zip back which I love as you can put your dirty items in there once worn to keep them separate to the unworn items that will then stay fresh. I’m so glad that I did buy both of the sets available as they will come in handy when I go away and keep everything in my suitcase neat and organised. 

Sorbet – On Top, Tutti Fruity – On Bottom


Other Options To Choose From: 

  • MURAD Rapid Collagen Infusion $78
  • SHOSHANNA Umbrella $40
  • TARTE Rainforest Of The Sea Drink Of H2O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer $39
  • TARTE Tarteist Pro Glow Highlighter & Contour Palette $45
  • 111SKIN Rose Gold Radiance Booster $135

GRAVITY Weighted Sleep Mask $39.99OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have heard of gravity weighted blankets and I have one on my wish list (they are quite expensive so just waiting until I save up abit) but I have never heard of weighted sleep masks until I saw this as a choice in the FabFitFun box. This is a weighted sleep mask by the brand Gravity. It’s made from a super soft light grey fabric of micro-plush and luxury imitation cashmere and has a zip on the top of the mask where you can take the weighted insert out if you need to hand wash the mask for any reason (which I think is a great idea.) The mask itself distributes a light touch across key pressure points (between 0.75lb and 1lb weighted pressure) which helps to relax you and promote better sleep. The weighted insert is filled with fine-grade glass beads and the mask has an adjustable velcro strap which is very comfortable around the head. The mask also blocks out all the light perfectly too.

I don’t use sleep masks for sleep but they are handy to have. I chose this product as I want to use it perhaps for 15 – 30 minutes before I sleep to feel the pressure stimulation to help relax me and prep me for a better nights sleep. If you used this during the whole night I’m not sure how well it would stay on if you are a roller in your sleep and move about alot because I would of thought that the weighted beads would move to the side your lying on. It’s probably best used all night for a back sleeper but that’s not a problem for me as I only want to use this as a relaxer before I sleep. (I’ve not tried this out for sleeping so I wouldn’t exactly know, It’s just a thought.)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Other Options To Choose From: 

  • AMBER SCEATS Double Coin Necklace $50
  • WEI Two-In-One Purify And Glow Mask Collection $45
  • COSMEDIX Pure C $54
  • GREEN GOO Hibiscus Plant-Based Body Scrub $35

Products That Only SELECT MEMBERS Can Choose From: (If a SEASONAL SUBSCRIBER FabFitFun Will Choose For You)

JABONERIA MARIANELLA Imperial Jade Body Oil $68OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOoo this is a treat, I didn’t get to pick this item myself as I’m currently not a select member however, this would of been the product that I would of picked if I could of so FabFitFun must of read my mind. This is a moisturising body oil that is packed with 100% pure oils and vitamins and nothing else. It’s by a brand that I haven’t heard of before but it looks amazing. Each bottle has been custom blended by hand in small batches at the Marianella Soap Bar in Brooklyn NY. The fragrance scent is Rosewood and Litsea Cubeba with a combination of Indian Bois De Rose Oil which will help to awaken and invigorate the skin. This looks like a wonderful body oil and I can’t wait to treat my skin to this. 

Other Options To Choose From:

  • ARIA BEAUTY Luxe Detangling Electroplated Brush $35
  • STONE COLD FOX Tea Towels $38
  • AVEDA Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair $31

AG HAIR Fast Food Leave-On Conditioner $24 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAgain this product FabFitFun picked out for me and I am happy with the choice. It’s a leave on conditioner by AG HAIR which helps to smooth and mend split ends and give moisture to your locks. It calms thick or coarse hair that feels frizzy and also adds a shine to the hair. It’s a big bottle with 178ml of product inside. It’s handy being a leave on conditioner as after washing my hair I can just pop this product through it and my locks will stay moisturised and shiny…easy and perfect.

Other Options To Choose From: 

  • SMITH FRENCH DUBLIN Aromatic Hand Wash – Fresh Green Leaves $22
  • LOVESCRIPT Body Wash $28
  • SPEAQUA Cruiser Bluetooth Wireless Speaker $24.99
  • CIATE LONDON Fierce Flicks Precision Tip Liquid Liner $19
  • EPARE Dual Salt And Pepper Mill $21.95

FABFITFUN PICK: (FabFitFun Surprises With An Option They Think You’ll Love) 

You will either be given: THIS WORKS Deep Sleep Body Cocoon $40 or WHISH BEAUTY Blue Matcha Restoring mask $58

I got given – THIS WORKS Deep Sleep Body Cocoon $40OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALove this choice I got given as I find night time products work wonders for me and create a calming atmosphere before and whilst I sleep. Thisworks is a well known and much loved brand and this is a cream that will bring calm and relaxation whilst moisturising the skin too. It smells incredible with a blend of Lavender, Chamomile, Vetivert, Shea Butter, Crambe, Camelia and Sativa Oils. I think this will really help me to relax into a deep restful slumber, so I can’t wait to give this product a go. 

You will either be given: CHIC & TONIC Silicone Straws $15 or WANDER BEAUTY Mile High Club Volume And Length Mascara $26 or SPONGELLE Body Wash Infused Buffer In Black Orchid $16

I got given – CHIC & TONIC Silicone Straws $15OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother product that if I had the choice to pick it would of been this one! Can’t believe my luck. This is a pack of four silicone straws by Chic & Tone. They are in vibrant spring/summer colours which I love and will give any drink a pop of colour. I love reusable straws instead of disposable straws which create more unnecessary waste in the world. I have bamboo straws and stainless steel straws but sometimes I can be a straw chewer and you can’t do that with the other straws so these silicone straws are perfect. This set comes with a straw cleaner and also a straw storage case (which I have never seen before) and I love it, I think it’s an amazing idea to be able to pop a straw in the case in your go to bag so you have your very own reusable straw on the go! Genius.  

You will either be given: WINKY LUX Rainbow Lip Balm $18 or PURLISSE Watermelon Energizing 2 Minute Polishing Peel $35 or AVENE Thermal Spring Water $14

I got given – PURLISSE Watermelon Energizing 2 Minute Polishing Peel $35OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI adore watermelon so I am delighted of been given this product. This is a polishing peel that is infused with extracts of watermelon, lychee and glycolic acid. Even though you can’t eat this product it does smell delicious and super yummy. It only takes 2 minutes to use and helps to smooth the skin and energise it’s complexion by exfoliating the skin gently whilst leaving it hydrated. I also love the packaging too it’s adorable. 

TOTAL WORTH OF MY BOX (Excluding The Extra Calpak Packing Cubes Set As I Purchased That At An Additional Cost): $360.99 USD (ROUGHLY £294.21)

Overall, this box is fabulous! The selection of products included are different and all wonderful. I actually have no favourites of the box as all of the products are spot on and perfect for me. I love the usefulness of the packing cubes, the sweater coat is gorgeous and fashionable, the sleep mask will give me more relaxed and calm vibes before I sleep, all the skincare products I received are luxurious and going to be a real treat to use (with the watermelon peel being my favourite) and the straws are going to be extremely handy. FabFitFun have created this Spring box perfectly in my opinion.

This subscription box is always so worth the price, it exceeds how much I spent on the box as a whole and you get so so much for your money…every box is literally a bargain. FabFitFun is hands down my favourite subscription box that I receive. You can customise alot of the products that you get, the variety of products you receive are so interesting and different to most subscription boxes out there, they are very generous on product sizes and prices and they somehow manage to fit and pack everything into their boxes. I highly recommend FabFitFun to anybody who is looking for a subscription box that is well worth the money!

I would love to know what your favourite product from this review is? Perhaps you also are a member of the FabFitFun family, if you are did you love this seasons Spring box and it’s contents? Let me know all of your thoughts and comments down below and if you chose different contents for your Spring box then I would love to know what you got!Love, Charlotte

More Detailed Information About FabFitFun Subcription Box…


For those of you who don’t know who FabFitFun are they are a seasonal (quarterly) subscription women’s lifestyle box, created in the US. Each box is curated for the specific season and contains a massive variety of products…Beauty, Skincare, Fashion, Fitness, Travel, Home, Tech, Cooking/Food and so much more. With each box they include a magazine that explains all about the items you will find inside, some articles on how to use them and other informative bits n bobs too.


Because this box is created in the US (Los Angeles to be exact) then all the pricing that I talk about will be in Dollars. The cost of this box seasonally is $49.99 USD. You can also choose their Annual plan (which gives you a few extra added benefits for example; quicker shipping and more customisation choices etc…) this will cost you $179.99 USD for the four boxes. (It would usually cost $199.99 USD but FabFitFun have reduced the price for the Annual plan so it works out slightly cheaper per box.) Each box will contain over $200.00 in products… (but the whole box cost of products is usually well over this!) 

UK Custom Charges?

Because I live in the UK I was nervous for Custom Charges and how much the shipping would actually be (if the box would still be worth it if the shipping prices were high) however, I am extremely pleased and super happy to say that upon delivery I wasn’t charged any Custom Fees. (I’m not saying you definitely won’t receive Custom charge however, I wanted you to know that I haven’t and by the looks of other UK buyers experiences that I’ve come across they haven’t had to either.)

UK Shipping Charge

Box shipping to the UK (when you pay for your box) is $10 USD plus $12.00 for tax. (All of those fees you pay from the FabFitFun checkout page. So a seasonal box plan for someone in the UK including shipping etc…comes to $71.99 USD which is £59.03 GBP. Definitely the most expensive subscription box that I have subscribed too however, payment does only come round 4 times a year and it’s totally worth it when you consider the amount of amazing products that you receive and how much the total worth of the box comes too.


The best thing about this box is that with each box FabFitFun gives you a choice to customise some of the products that you will receive. Which means your guaranteed to get a couple of things that you are in love with. I absolutely love this idea and think it’s a unique touch for a subscription box to allow subscribers to do. If you become an Annual Subscriber you get to customise even more options than a Seasonal Subscriber.

If there is more than one product out of the choices that you love FabFitFun allow you to add on additional choice items and if you do this the item will be much lower than the original cost, and it means you can then get all the products you really love in your box and don’t always have to settle for the one item you chose for your choice pick. 

With each box I review I will let you know for the customise items what other products I could of picked from aswell as the one I did choose to receive. I will also clearly state which products were available for all members to customise, the choice of customisation just for select members and the set products that will come in all of the boxes.


If that all wasn’t enough there is even more fabulous stuff available. FabFitFun have something called Add On’s which is where you can shop a big variety of products and purchase them at a huge price reduction than their original cost. Add On’s open up usually just before your box payment comes out for a limited time only. Annual Subscribers get the first pick as it opens up to them early and then it opens up to everyone else subscribed. 

If you added some Add On items to your cart then you don’t need to checkout as you will be billed them on the same day that your usual box payment comes out. They also ship the Add On’s at the same time as your box so you won’t have more shipping fees to pay out. 

I think that’s covered everything you would roughly need to know about FabFitFun boxes.


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