Become An Optimist Every Single Day

Morning Lovelies, 

There is no denying it, we are in a global pandemic at the moment and at this time of crisis it’s a very unsettling and uncertain situation. Countries are in lockdown, people are social distancing, there is isolation in homes across the world…it’s a very difficult and worrying time. But with all of this uncertainty I’ve also seen incredible acts of kindness and even though we are social distancing and isolating I do feel a sense of togetherness and community with how people are coming together at this time. That’s wonderful and uplifting to see. 

Before I continue with my post I just wanted to give you all a massive virtual hug! I hope that you are all able to stay safe and take care of yourselves and your loved ones at this time. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel so don’t ever forget that and if any of you feel you need a friendly chat or to reach out to someone feel free to message me via twitter or here on my blog via my contact me page and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I am always happy to hear from you all and it would be lovely to support eachother and get through this together! Let’s help eachother every step of the way!

Benefits Of Optimistic Thinking 

I wanted to write a post this week sharing my tips on becoming an optimist and altering your way of thinking to approach life with a different more positive perspective. Being at home every single day with only going outside once for daily exercise is hard when we aren’t used to it. When we are at home isolated in this situation it is so easy for negative thoughts to pop into our minds and assuming the worst can be thoughts that happen on a daily basis (especially during a global crisis.) But when we are constantly seeing the negative in things it can be very damaging to our wellbeing.

Approaching life with a more optimistic point of view allows us to become more confident, more resilient and there are many positive benefits for taking a more optimist approach in life. According to studies being optimistic also supports physical health too. It’s been known that optimists are less likely than pessimists to die from health conditions like heart disease, cancer and strokes as well as enjoying a more healthier life overall. And other studies done show that you are more likely to have fulfilling and better relationships and possibly earn a higher income too with an optimistic view.

Here are my tips on how to approach life with a different perspective and become an optimist yourself…

  • Let Go Of Unnecessary Worry – If we think about it we will find that there are all sorts of different things that could cause us to feel miserable and anxious but in reality very few of those things are actually important. I’ve once heard that we have around 50,000 to 80,000 different thoughts a day! Which is incredible…but it makes me wonder how many of those are really significant to our lives. Focusing your attention to the things that really matter to you is a brilliant way to think more optimistically. For example; If someone pushes infront of you when your about to park your car you could respond with ranting and screaming and getting angry and frustrated or instead you could just be grateful that your safe and your car isn’t damaged. Thinking this way is a very powerful tool especially when you start to focus on the things that you can control as that makes it easier for you to let go of the things that causes you stress.
  • Be Mindful Of The Company You Choose – Choosing who you spend your time with can have a big impact on how you view different situations. If your constantly spending time with people who think and talk more negatively then it will be much harder for you to maintain your optimistic view. So be more mindful of the company that you keep and surround yourself with people who look at the good in life and view things with a more positive outlook as this positivity will rub off on you too. 
  •  Realise What You Learn From Challenging Events – Through life it will always throw all sorts of difficult situations and challenges at us all but how we choose to view these events will determine how we respond to them. When you see a positive side during a challenging situation it becomes alot easier for you to release stress and move on positively. The good thing is that when we are going through a difficult time then that’s usually when we are challenged mentally and physically and that’s when we grow and learn the most about ourselves. So ask yourself this when troubled times arise…What’s the lesson or the gift in what you are going through right now? 
  • Visualise Solutions – When we are going through a difficult situation then we often see the problems that it can cause rather than considering what solution there is. It’s much better to redirect our thinking to a more positive outcome and visualise how the situation might work out well rather than dwell on or overthink about the situation more in a negative way. Never forget that your record for getting through tough days so far is 100% so it’s important to remember that you will also get through this one too. When you visualise a smoother path forward it will help to relax and calm you aswell which is a nice bonus.  
  • Think About Future Plans – Looking forward to things in the future supports an optimistic outlook wonderfully. It’s not just future planning for the bigger events in your life like a holiday, gig or a fun day out activity. It’s also about planning the smaller things in your upcoming daily schedule like, a walk in the park, some me-time for a long reading session, catching up with a loved one for lunch, giving yourself some well deserved self care with an at home spa experience, enjoying the sunshine on your lunch break, treating yourself to breakfast at your favourite cafe etc… Future planning really helps to lift your daily mood.  
  • Practice Gratitude – Starting and finishing your day with expressing gratitude for everything and saying thank you for all of the good that life has brought you and still brings you can contribute to your happiness. You can even start to practice gratitude during the day too which gives you those appreciative and mindful moments. For example; gratitude before you eat, when you have good news, after doing something you love, before taking a walk in nature… It’s also great to make an appreciation list, where you can write down the things that you are daily grateful for. Then you can re read the list and see all of the good things that you notice about your life. By noticing these things daily it helps you to notice even more good things no matter how small they may seem to you throughout your day (perhaps something as simple as a gentle refreshing breeze…) I enjoy finding two or three things that I have appreciated during the day and at the end of it journal them down before I go to bed, I find that it leaves me feeling more optimistic before I sleep and ends my day positively. There’s no right or wrong way to list or journal your gratitude and appreciation so find whatever works best for you. 

It’s important to remember that some people are just naturally optimistic, it just flows freely through their mind, body and soul but for others optimism doesn’t come as naturally. So if you want to become more optimistic you need to really want it in order for the change in your thinking to be successful. Willingness and willpower are key when we want to make a change and it’s important to remember that it’s not something you can just do overnight. But by giving yourself time you will soon find yourself looking on the brighter side!Love, Charlotte

21 thoughts on “Become An Optimist Every Single Day

  1. 😍 loving your wonderful positive post!! We need all the positive minded folks to be sharing uplifting messages now to help people reorient their old negative thought patterns!! If we can give this gift, we have good lot!!

    Keep sharing positive!

    Peace, Tamara

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  2. Love this post and you are completely right. While we cannot control external forces, we can control our internal processes. I need to write a list of optimistic and mindful phrases to read every morning to remind me to be more present.

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    1. That’s wonderful to hear that you love my post thank you! I totally agree with you well said. That’s a fantastic idea, I love inspiring phrases and quotes as reminders throughout the day…we all need that helpful nudge in the right direction! Take care and thank you for stopping by Xx

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  3. Admittedly I’ve become more of a glass-half-empty ‘realistic pessimist’ (which I consider different to a standard pessimist 😂), and yet when I’m with others or I blog or I chat to strangers, I’m far more optimistic and positive. It’s a weird one. I love your suggestions and I think things like visualising goals and your future, and practicing gratitude more regularly, can be so powerful yet often under-appreciated. Virtual hug right back ‘atcha. Stay safe, Charlotte  ♥
    Caz xx

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    1. Thank you Caz for reading my post and for your wonderful comment. I love your take on a ‘realistic pessimist’ and thank you for sharing about yourself. I think we can all have abit of both deep down inside us but I definitely find life more enjoyable and relaxing with an optimistic mindset. I am glad you loved some of the ideas and I totally agree with you on how powerful gratitude and visualising can be! Awww thank you sweet, Take Care also Xx

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  4. I love this post! I particularly like your tips on letting go of unnecessary worry and practicing gratitude. I am definitely guilty of worrying too much about things beyond my control so I’m trying to become more mindful of this. Thanks for sharing this xx

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    1. Aww thank you so much! I am like you in that way, I find myself worrying about things I can’t control sometimes and it does take time to change that but recognising the habit is the first step to taking you on a more positive change…so that’s a great start! Thank you for reading lovely. Xx

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