The Much Loved Cup Of Tea…

Afternoon Lovelies, 

For me there’s not much that compares to the comforting feeling of a delicious warm cup of tea or as I like to call it a ‘hug in a mug.’ Whether you prefer it milk or black, with sugar or without nothing beats a good cup of tea. Especially during this uncertain time with lockdowns and isolation, I have a feeling that all over the world more people will be popping on the kettle for a much needed comforting mug of tea.

A proper cuppa is at the heart of British culture so I have a natural love of teas already being British myself.classic-photo-of-a-woman-holding-a-tea-cup-3682153Teatime used to be celebrated pretty much like a ceremonial social occasion. There was delicate fancy crockery and yummy side treats like scones or perfectly cut sandwiches. But nowadays most of us don’t spend that amount of luxury time dedicated to a cup of tea however, there is something very refreshing and restorative about taking a moment in the day to enjoy a nice warm cuppa with perhaps a cheeky biscuit or two.

person-holding-cup-of-coffee-2228554In England the most consumed tea is English Breakfast tea. It’s funny though because even though it has English in it’s name it typically originates from Assam in India, Sri Lanka and in Kenya. If you’ve never tasted an English Breakfast tea it’s a black tea blend that is very rich in flavour and robust and in my opinion a little dash of milk in it compliments it very well. I do love an English Breakfast tea myself and I would love to know your favourite tea in the comments down below!

Focusing on how tea is stored and the best type… Tea in teabags are definitely convenient and perfect for quick on the go tea and on those busier days but to really experience a tea I think loose leaves is the ‘cherry on top.’ It isn’t just about the richer flavour and minimising the waste that teabags produce but it’s also known to be more nutritional as well as being better for the environment. The loose leaves tend to be higher in antioxidants and Polyphenol. This may play a supportive role in our gut, cardiovascular and cognitive health. What’s even better is opting for an Organic type because this has been found to be even higher in antioxidant benefits. The production of teas is also something worth considering too. When buying teas try to effect positive change on tea production by looking for a fairtrade mark or by researching the source of where your tea comes from. Find out where specific producers set fair prices. person-holding-white-and-green-mug-3563615The whole ritual of preparing a cup of tea is a wonderful one. Hearing the kettle ping, watching the tea swirl and mix around changing the colour of the hot water, feeling the steam rise up warming around you, smelling the delicious scent of your chosen tea… a tea making ritual really does engage all of your senses. But preparing a loose leave tea is also a more mindful one than it’s teabag counterpart I think, this is because it requires a little more time out to prepare and enjoy a loose tea which in turn gives more stress-relieving benefits and allows your mind and body to genuinely rest for a few moments of the day… take some long savouring sips and feel your mind and body relax and start to recover.

I’m off to make myself a well deserved cuppa, why don’t you go and do the same.Love, Charlotte 

15 thoughts on “The Much Loved Cup Of Tea…

  1. I do miss tea time with a certain gentleman from Man City back in the day with his little electric teapot. There was something so nice about spending time on his little couch reading and smoking cigarettes (I know, bad) and drinking tea with cream and sugar. Thank you for the lovely post.

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  2. I adore tea and I couldn’t live without it. I spent seven years in London and fell in love with English Breakfast tea. I went back home fifteen years ago and I still drink it everyday. I also love other teas, like Earl Gray and herbal teas.

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    1. That’s wonderful, so glad to hear. Awww that’s so lovely… I bet tea brings you a sort of nostalgic sense then having it at a young age. Haha like you I couldn’t have a day without a warming cuppa… Thank you for also sharing your favourite types! Much love to you Xx

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