LookFantastic Beauty Box April 2020 – What’s Inside?

Afternoon Lovelies, 

Spring has officially begun! Warmer and longer days have arrived and flowers are in bloom so LookFantastic chose ‘Spring’ as their box theme this month (a perfect fit.) This box has been filled with products that will help you to feel radiant and beautiful, products focused around brightening and rejuvenating the skin and adding a pop of colour to your cosmetics. So let’s unbox and discover together…



AMELIORATE Transforming Body LotionOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have this product already and absolutely love it so It’s great to have a new bottle in readiness when I finish my one currently. This is a transforming body lotion by Ameliorate. It’s been specially formulated for dry skin and can even treat skin problems like Keratosis Pilaris. This is a rich moisturiser that contains Lactic Acid which helps to get rid of dead skin cells to reveal new, healthy and soft skin instead. The lotion itself is lightweight and easy to moisturise into the skin. In my experience this stuff really does amazingly work on dry patches of skin, so it’s great to see a bottle included in this box. This bottle contains 30ml which is worth £4. 

ERNO LAZLO Hydraphel Skin SupplementOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a calming toner from Erno Lazlo which is wonderful for people with sensitive or dry skin. It’s got a blend of active humectants which help to boost cell renewal to reveal supple and soft skin. It’s also formulated to hydrate and repair the skins complexion after cleansing. This is a small sized trial bottle of 15ml which is worth £5.58. It would of been nice to of received a bigger bottle so we could of tried it out for a longer period of time to fully see any results.

STARSKIN 100% Camellia 2-Step Oil Sheet MaskOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis product is the one that grabbed my attention first as I’ve never seen a sheet mask with a small pipette so this intrigued me. I’m also pleased to see that this sheet mask is by the brand Starskin as they do some lovely facial masks and I’ve been pleased with all of the ones that I’ve tried out in the past. This sheet mask is a dual part treatment which is perfect for targeting dull and dry skin as it soothes and restores the skins natural radiance. The small pipette included is 100% Camellia Seed Oil which is known to nourish and soften skin. In the sheet mask formula there is alot of wonderful ingredients such as; Niacinamide, Mulberry Bark Extract and Peony Root aswell as other great ingredients that replenish the skins moisture and gives it a healthier more radiant complexion. I’m excited to try this out and I love the unique touch of having a pipette added to the sheet mask but hopefully it won’t get too messy. This sheet mask retails for £9.

MINETAN Coffee ScrubOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love a coffee scrub so it’s great to see one in this box (although my shower finds it very messy!) This is a Coffee Scrub from Minetan which retails for £9.95. This scrub is made from freshly ground coffee (so I can imagine will smell incredible) aswell as other natural ingredients too. It will exfoliate your whole body from head to toe removing any dry skin and dead skin cells leaving you with a softer and fresh complexion. I adore the packaging of the grounded coffee in a heart shape and I can’t wait to try this out as body coffee scrubs are my favourite body exfoliation products. This packet contains 30g of product. 


BELLAPIERRE Peach Blossom PaletteOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is an eyeshadow palette from Bellapierre in the shade Peach Blossom and retails for £28.99. The palette includes 3 shimmers and 1 matte powder pressed eyeshadow. It’s been exclusively launched this month for the LookFantastic Beauty Box which is pretty cool. The shades themselves are lovely but they aren’t all ones that I would personally use. The palette does have Spring vibes though! It also has a mirror inside the palette lid which comes in useful when on the go and the shades are apparently very bendable. I’m not wowed by this product personally as like I said I wouldn’t use all of the shades but if you love the shades then you will love this being included.

VINTAGE COSMETICS COMPANY TweezersOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are some great tweezers! I already used them and they work perfectly. They are by the brand Vintage Cosmetics Company and are pink slanted tweezers which are worth £8. They are stainless steel tweezers and they work exactly how a tweezer should. Picking up stray hair effortlessly and precise. Very pleased with these and for the price I would definitely buy again and highly recommend as they work extremely well. 

Overall, this is a lovely selection of products, all varied and some great brands included. My favourite products if I had to choose would be the Transforming Body Lotion, Tweezers and the Camellia 2 Step Oil Sheet Mask. The total worth of this box comes to £65.52. Like always I would love to hear all of your thoughts on LookFantastic’s April box aswell. Do you like the contents inside this box? What products do you like the look of the most? Did you receive the box yourself? Leave all of your comments down below to share your thoughts and opinions I love to hear from you all!Love, Charlotte

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