Relax In Your Very Own Home Spa…

Evening Lovelies, 

With Spas and places of pamper closed at the moment in many areas due to the global crisis situation that we are currently facing, there is only one solution to satisfy your pampering needs…creating an at home spa! I have some wonderful ideas on how to bring a relaxing spa session to you and what treatments to indulge in without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Self care and pampering is on the top of my me-time priority list and I love to incorporate some pampering time into my days (we all deserve abit of ‘me time’ eachday after all!) so I’ve put together some ideas that will help you to create your very own at home spa.

You don’t have to cram all of these pampering spa ideas into one night of pampering (you might feel more tired by the end of it than relaxed if you did that because we all have quite a few areas to pamper.) Instead you can pick and choose and mix and match these ideas to help you create your at home spa experience. 

  1. Get The Mood Just Rightbath-bathroom-bathtub-indoors-374148 What’s the first thing you notice when walking into a spa? The relaxing music? The fabulous relaxing scents filling the room?, The decor and colours around you? Whatever it is that gets you starting to feel less tense and more relaxed and at ease bring this into your home to start setting the spa atmosphere. Hopefully your starting your pampering spa session in a clean and mess free space as the saying is true when they say “A clean home makes space for a clear mind.” I then personally love to find a chill spa relaxation soundtrack for calming background noise, it creates a bit of mood music. Lighting also plays a big part in creating a relaxing atmosphere. Keeping a room lit with a soft diffused light rather than a glaring overhead light can bring instant calm into your space. Candles are also perfect for this, choose one that’s made with no harsh chemicals and no toxic ingredients. 100% non toxic soy wax candles are wonderful, they have a longer and cleaner burn time and release less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere compared to the paraffin alternatives.  
  2. (Extra Step) Filter Your Waterblack-shower-head-switched-on-161502You probably don’t give much thought about the water that comes through your shower or bath however, it can be a centre for chemicals. Using naturally pure and fresh water is an extra step you can take to ensure an added beneficial pamper session. For my UK readers hard water is very common here and bathing regularly in this type of water causes damage to healthy skin cells. Zinc, Calcium, Lead and Magnesium which are undissolved in hard water will break down the Collagen and Elastin within the body’s healthy skin cells. Using a shower or bath filter can be very valuable if your trying to battle against dry skin. 
  3. Treat Yourself To A Whole Body Scrubincense-and-white-candles-on-a-stool-3865712 Body scrubs are a classic spa treatment that will leave you to feel rejuvenated all over. Personally I love the coffee scrub types. Dry skin brushing is highly effective and beneficial also. The best type of body brush to use is one with natural bristles. Start at your feet and work your way up your body with long upward strokes towards your heart as this boosts the body’s circulation. This doesn’t just have to be a one off spa treatment find some time to incorporate this into your weekly routine before your bath or shower…you will see some serious benefits. (Professionals usually recommend one to two times each week.)
  4. Add Some Aromatherapytwo-clear-glass-bottles-with-liquids-672051 Aromatherapy is very complex and experts train for many years to perfect their knowledge but you can also do some of it yourself at home. However, you need to remember that essential oils are very powerful and potent and can be dangerous if not correctly used. So be safe when doing so. Some essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy or if you suffer from some underlying health issues so be sure to look up the safety of the essential oils that you are planning to use to ensure it is right for you personally. You should always avoid applying the essential oils directly to your skin unless it has been diluted in a carrier oil. A good way to incorporate aromatherapy at home is to add a few drops of your chosen oil to your warm bath. Blend them with a base carrier oil to disperse them into the water or just add them to plain bath salts. You can also buy already prepared and diluted essential oil creams and lotions and oils for your skin and these are wonderful to use whilst giving your body a massage. Another way to use essential oils is to diffuse your home with them using a quality oil burner or by using an essential oil diffuser this will make your home smell wonderful and like a spa. 
  5. (For An Instant Calmer) Include Lavender lavender-and-massage-oils-3865676Soaking yourself in a calming warm bath is one of the easiest ways to de-stress from your day and to relax. Lavender is the perfect relaxing solution to any bath soak. It will resemble a spa as the gentle scent will treat your senses. Lavender oil has been used for centuries because of it’s calming and soothing properties, you’ve probably noticed that many spa products and treatments use Lavender as a main active ingredient. All you need to do is simply run yourself a warm bath, light a few candles and add two or three drops of Lavender essential oil and your good to go…ready to be immersed in a totally relaxing experience. You can also use a bath oil that contains Lavender and massage it into your hands and body so that you can inhale the aroma. Lavender is also brilliant to help you unwind and relax giving you a more peaceful nights sleep too. Perfect. 
  6. Give Yourself a DIY Facial Massagegold-wedding-band-on-white-textile-3737594 This is my favourite type of relaxing facial massage. Warm your favourite facial oil into your hands and apply from the neck to the forehead in firm, sweeping strokes. Once applied all over take your forefinger and thumb and start making a pincer movement and lightly pinch along your cheekbones. Then make a peace sign with your index and middle fingers and bend your fingers to create a ‘claw’ type shape. Put the bent fingers at either side at the top and bottom of your chin and glide the bent fingers out along your jawline towards your ear. Then find your beauty pressure point to do this trace your index fingers directly down from your pupils to the base of your cheekbones and push up. This facial massage is perfect for relieving skin fatigue. Of course if your looking for an easier facial massage option there are plenty of facial roller tools to purchase which will give you a wonderful relaxing massage with minimal effort. So you can just roll away and relax. 
  7. TLC For Your Eyeswoman-girl-beauty-mask-3192 How many movies have you seen where people are pampering themselves with cucumbers on their eyes? I know I’ve seen a fair few! There is an actual reason why they do this and it is surprisingly beneficial… Cucumbers have caffeic and ascorbic acid which really helps to reduce any water retention, this has instant effect to diminish swelling and puffiness around the delicate eye area. That’s why cucumbers are my go to DIY eye mask! The coolness from the cucumber in the fridge also gives a refreshing and cooling sensation to the eyes enhancing the treatment. For an even more powerful effect cut your slices then place them back into the fridge to cool a little longer. Finish the treatment with your favourite eye cream for an even more pampered look. Of course you can treat yourself to some already made eye masks but I find kitchen beauty very interesting and it’s great to include things that you have just laying around the house.
  8. TLC For Your Feetcrop-carefree-woman-with-legs-sticking-out-of-car-window-3756167 Sometimes I think people overlook pampering their feet but for me it’s actually one of my top 3 areas to pamper. We use them everyday to get us from Point A to Point B and they take alot of daily, general strain that we don’t really think about… so why not show them lots of needed love? Foot files are perfect for getting rid of any dry or hard areas on the feet and using a softening foot cream afterwards that is packed full of nourishing and hydrating ingredients gives them even more goodness. You can also use a foot scrub to buff away any old skin cells and dry areas to give your feet a smoother finish. Also giving your toenails a pretty coloured pedicure is the ‘cherry on top’ to beautiful feet in my opinion, opt for a non toxic nail vanish. On days when I have more time to spend on my feet I will give myself a relaxing foot massage or pop my feet into a foot spa machine for a massage with bubbles… so relaxing.
  9. TLC For Your Hands pink-manicure-939836Again we use our hands daily so hands are another area to really prioritise whilst pampering. I think more people remember this area as you look at your hands way more during the day than your feet as they are usually hidden away in socks. For your hands you can use a nourishing hand scrub to buff away any dry patches of skin and you can finish it off with a nourishing and moisturising hand cream. Again a pretty manicure using non toxic nail vanishes will make you feel that extra boost of pamperedness (if that’s even a word) and ensure each week you take good care of your nails by reshaping them when needed and using a daily cuticle oil for hydration. Your hands and nails will be at their healthiest state possible in no time.
  10. Prioritise Your Skincare Routine selective-focus-portrait-photo-of-woman-with-a-towel-on-head-3764013Prioritising your skincare routine should not just be an occasional at home spa treatment step but this should be incorporated into your DAILY pampering session. Spend some time researching the best skincare for your own facial needs and for your age of skin and remember to look at the ingredients list of each product so you can be sure that your giving the most beneficial ingredients to your skin. Then actually set a certain time each morning and evening to apply these products to get the most out of your skincare and give your skin the chance to be as healthy as possible. 
  11. (Don’t Forget Your Hair) Treat Your Tresses photo-of-woman-wearing-bathrobe-2462996Lastly, don’t forget to give your hair a pampering treat too. Apply your favourite nourishing and hydrating hair mask and then sit back and relax enjoying a cuppa whilst the mask works it’s magic…that’s my favourite hair pamper session. Many spa treatments for hair combine a nourishing product with steam to allow the hair particles to absorb the hydrating ingredients. A great way to do this at home is to coat your hair in coconut oil, focusing abit more time at the dry ends then tie up loosely in a bun. Hop into a warm bath and relax. The warm steam from the bath will open up the hair follicles helping the coconut oil to really sink in…you can also do this with any of your chosen hair masks too. 

photo-of-bathtub-beside-window-1543442I hope that you have felt inspired to create your own home spa giving yourself a few treatments and managed to take some time out for that well deserved pamper session with these ideas. I’d love to know what you do for your at home pampering sessions, share your ideas and thoughts down below… I love hearing from you all.

Love, Charlotte

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