Understanding Karma…

Morning Lovelies, 

I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of karma. The Sanskrit word literally means ‘action’ however, it is usually misunderstood as people usually link it to punishment, reward, fate or destiny. Karma really though is basically understanding that an effect begins with a cause, it doesn’t moralise or judge like alot of people think it does instead it reflects an energetic reality.

Our actions shape our own spiritual, mental and physical health aswell as creating the world which we experience. These actions are often rooted in a short-term desire/gain but the consequences of these actions influence more long-term. The actions themselves could be big or even something more simpler like choosing what we eat or buy. For example; If we tracked a product from it’s source to our basket we will see that even the simplest choices come with profound consequences…these actively support or reduce creative or destructive global forces.

Karmic awareness allows us to retreat from desire and helps us to restore balance in our lives. It is improved vision, beyond the short-term gain and to the bigger picture instead. When you properly understand the concept of karma it blurs the boundaries between conscious action and our own holistic health – what is beneficial individually and what will benefit the whole.Love, Charlotte



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