Transform Your Home Into A Perfect Sanctuary – Especially Needed During These Unsettling Times

Evening Lovelies, 

Many of us over the last few months have found ourselves inside at home ALOT. During the time that I have been staying at home I’ve noticed a new appreciation that I’ve been feeling for my ‘sanctuary.’ I’ve been loving my home more than ever with it’s nurturing and loving atmosphere during these uncertain times. The outside world has been quite unsettling and threatening in a way to many of us and we could really benefit from our homes being our places of security and relaxation.

I wanted to share a few tips on how to make your space a place of protection and serenity, a place where both the body and the mind can find some rest and recuperation. These tips are for any space, it doesn’t matter if you live in a massive house or a single room hopefully these suggestions will be a good starting point for making your home a sanctuary. 

  • What’s Your Home’s Personality? – Sometimes we find ourselves criticising our homes, for not having our idea of a ‘perfect’ home. I’ve heard before that every single one of us has one major ‘function’ that influences how we like to live. Briefly, Intuitive types put atmosphere and mood over practicality (maybe you would love a white rug but don’t think about how much you’ll have to maintain it to keep it looking in a lovely condition), Sensation types need their space well-ordered, Feeling types are about fashionable comfort and Thinking types live more in their mind and aren’t very interested in the design layout. From these four different ‘types’ see which one is the most similar to you, once you work that out then you have found your homes ‘personality’ and you will understand what is the most important factor in your home surroundings. 
  • Clear Out Clutter And Clean Your Space – concentrated-woman-carrying-stack-of-cardboard-boxes-for-3791617 There’s been alot of talk about minimalism and if you find that works for you then great! However, for me I’m abit 50/50 about it, I love the idea of it but I’m personally not a fan of total minimalism. I find comfort in familiar things and some of my items are like pieces of sentimental treasure to me, but it’s very easy to quickly clutter up your home and once your home is cluttered, your mind will also be too. This is my home motto “A tidy house helps a tidy mind” and it is so true. No place will feel like a calming and nurturing safe space if it’s messy so have a good clean and clear out. Donate/sell/get rid of any items that don’t bring you joy anymore and then give your home a lovely clean refreshing scrub from top to bottom. Natural cleansing products are a perfect choice for cleaning your home with, using them means that your not filling up your living space with unnecessary chemicals and toxins.
  • You’ve Cleared And Cleaned Now Try Some Space Cleansing –photo-of-sage-beside-rose-quartz-4040591 Now that you’ve cleaned your physical clutter it’s time to tend to the energetic clutter. Everything is made of energy and energy can build up in a home. The energy in a home can be very negative and can bring you down daily so it’s a great habit to get into removing the negative and chaotic energy that has built up. Space cleansing  involves using sound and scent to clear out your home and it can really make a difference into how your space feels. You can use; Incense, Sage Smudging, Noise (clapping, gongs, drums), Crystals, Different Scents (fragrant plants, Lemon Scents), Set Positive Intentions and Visualise a more cleaner and clear home. After your chosen choice for space cleansing see if you notice a more lighter, brighter and creative space surrounding you. 
  • Give Your Home A Signature Scent –aroma-4076727_1920 Scent plays an important role in a home and it can even bring you added comfort and relaxation. Natural essential oils have distinct psychological effects so find a blend that brings you what your in need of (perhaps you’re lacking energy, maybe you want to reduce stress levels etc…) Using diffusers and room sprays with your chosen natural essential oils is a fabulous way to ensure your space is filled with a delightful fragrance that pleases you and your soul.
  • Welcome Nature – potted-green-indoor-plants-3076899 Bring some outdoor scenery into your indoor space and reap more benefits from nature. House plants are a perfect addition to any home and they not only look lovely but lift spirits and some can even clear the air of toxins (I have a beautiful peace lily plant for that.) Research about different types of houseplants and choose ones that appeal the most to you. If your into crystals then choose a stunning crystal as your ‘home protector’ – Jade, Turquoise and Quartz are all strong protector choices. 
  • Create A Place Of Focus –vase-with-dried-herb-arranged-with-buddha-bust-and-sage-4203099 A place of focus is a wonderful addition to a home. It’s a place to stop, pause, give thought to and meditate by. You can use the top of a table/cabinet/bookcase, a shelf or a window ledge to display whatever works for you and brings you a sense of calmness and visual stimulation. Candles, Meaningful Images, Incense, Statues/Ornaments, Crystals, Flowers/Plants and other decorative items of personal choice are perfect items to use when creating your ‘place of focus.’ quote-sign-standing-on-wooden-shelf-2082089

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my starting point suggestions on transforming your home space into your own perfect sanctuary. I would love to know what your favourite suggestion is from my tips or perhaps you have another suggestion to share and add to the list…I’m extremely interested to hear all your thoughts and opinions so be sure to leave them in the comments below. Love, Charlotte

11 thoughts on “Transform Your Home Into A Perfect Sanctuary – Especially Needed During These Unsettling Times

  1. This is a lovely post I just read. I love the tips you shared in this post. Very much need to use some of them, especially the one about creating a new scent. Need to buy some stuff for that.

    Thank you again for the post. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your very kind words. Lovely to hear you have found the tips helpful and good luck on your search for your home’s signature scent! Thank you for stopping by and for taking a few moments to read Xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s wonderful to hear Susan! I’m so pleased that you particularly loved the place of focus tip… I find that my ‘place of focus’ space at home is very valuable and a precious space to have and what you wrote about is being a reminder is a wonderful way to put it! Your most welcome thank you so much for taking the time to read! Xx

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  2. Yes I totally agree with your thought process here. I’ve been transforming my home similarly to you ever since quarantining and I think I’ve finally got it to where I love it! A signature scent is my favorite advice, its so lovely having that special scent that reminds you of homesweethome ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww that’s brilliant to hear! It’s great that you’ve used this quarantine time productively and have created a space which you love. I couldn’t agree with you more about the ‘home sweet home’ scent! Thank you so much for reading and commenting Xx


    1. How wonderful that you’ve created a difference in your home by re-arranging bits n bobs, it’s great that you’ve taken the time to do that. I totally agree with you – by moving a few things around it can change the rooms vibe and energy. Enjoy your ‘new’ space and thank you for stopping by! Xx


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