Moi-Meme Luxe Subscription Box Summer 2020 – The Staycation Box

Afternoon Lovelies, 

2020 has been a very different year so far to what we are normally used to and most of us are finding ourselves inside our homes ALOT. So this box that Moi-Meme have created for their summer edition is perfect… The theme is The Staycation Box. For this box Moi-Meme have included products that will help us make the most of our time at home this summer and treats to give us a little joy whilst having to stay more indoors.


KATIE LOXTON Vegan Leather Jewellery Roll (£25)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the softest thing that I’ve ever felt…seriously. It’s a gorgeous vegan leather jewellery roll and It’s perfect for storing pieces of jewellery that are regularly worn. It has two zip pockets and three poppered strips (one specifically for earrings), so the roll can store bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe jewellery roll has four colour choices and these are; Blush Pink, Stone Grey, Pale Gold and Black. I got given the Blush Pink shade which is my absolute favourite so I’m delighted with the choice. It’s a gorgeous, girly and romantic pink and inside it has a soft light grey velvet lining with a lovely added touch with the words, Live Love Sparkle. The whole jewellery roll feels very luxurious and it’s beautifully made. A very useful, handy and beautiful product to own.

JOMA JEWELLERY Isla Pearl Jewellery (£12 – £15)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love Joma Jewellery their products are always delicate and stunning so it’s fabulous to see this brand included in a subscription box. Moi-Meme chose a selection of jewellery pieces from Joma Jewellery’s Isla Pearl Range. The pieces range from £12 to £15, are made from brass plated in either the shades silver or gold and some even include freshwater pearls. The chosen pieces of jewellery you could of received are; Pearl Dangle Stud Earrings, Loop Bracelet, Pearl Bracelet, or an Adjustable Ring. In my box I have the beautiful Silver Pearl Bracelet. It’s a very delicate piece of jewellery, looks stunning on the wrist and I love the freshwater pearl added to it…very pretty. 

What I love about Moi-Meme is if you’ve received a product that you don’t want you can exchange it for the product that you do want. I got given the ring at first and although it was nice I fell in love with the look of the silver pearl bracelet so I exchanged my product hassle free and very quickly. I don’t know of any other subscription box that offers the exchange service so Moi-Meme have fabulous customer service and really care about their subscribers! 

SEACRET Soft Feel Sun Cream SPF 50 PA+++ (£40)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the summer box of 2019 we received a fabulous big pot of hair mask by the brand Seacret and I was hoping that Moi-Meme would include another one of their products at some point in a future box as I loved it. So it’s great to see this brand again and this time we got given not just one but two products of theirs! This is their SPF 50 sun cream, sunscreen is a must all year round but even more so with the hot rays out now so this is a perfect item for a summer box. It has a formula of dead sea minerals and added Vitamin E and the texture of the cream is soft, non greasy and leaves no white residue. I love that this is in SPF 50 as I always opt for that strength. This bottle is in it’s full sized version of 40ml. 

SEACRET Aqua Blast Lanseal Mask (£15) or Dead Sea Bath Salts (£20)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the second Seacret product included in this box and it’s a choice between Aqua Blast Lanseal Mask or Dead Sea Bath Salts. I got given the Aqua Blast Lanseal Mask which I’m happy about as I love a pamper session with a good face mask. This is a sheet mask that gives a great amount of moisture to the skin and soothes and cools it after being in the sun. The formula is rich in minerals and collagen and the mask itself works to restore the skins natural moisture balance. I’m excited to try this out after a day in the sunshine. 

The other option that I didn’t receive but will still share information about is the Dead Sea Bath Salts. These bath salts contains 100% salt from the dead sea and nothing else. If you didn’t know the dead sea contains 21 essential minerals and 12 of these cannot be found in any other sea or ocean! It has a unique blend of minerals that also contain Zinc, Magnesium and Calcium and many more… This product also sounds very wonderful. 

TERRE DE MARS Reddition Body Cleanser (19 Euros – about £17)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI haven’t come across this brand before so it’s nice to have a brand discovery in the box. Terre De Mars is a unisex skincare brand that is based in France. This product is their Reddition Body Cleanser which is in a 150ml bottle. It’s an organic and low foaming cleanser which cleanses and refreshes the skin and is suitable for all skin types. It contains bioactive ingredients like coffee, rosemary extracts and verbena oil aswell as others and these all help to purify, tone and protect the skin. The fragrance is very refreshing and a unisex scent… so I hope I don’t find my boyfriend trying this out too! 

MOI-MEME Candle (£18)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACandles… Ooo I love them so much and I still have one burning during the summer evenings. This candle is Moi-Meme own brand and this is a one of three choice from three new fragrances in their candle range. The fragrances included are between; The Orangery (a citrus scent with orange and jasmine), Coast (a masculine scent for the salty ocean breeze) and Summer Bloom (a floral scent with Orange Blossom, White Tea and Wisteria.) I got given the Summer Bloom scent which I adore…I love floral scents so this is perfect for me. It smells so wonderful, the best I can describe would be a floral garden with lots of sweet smelling summery flowers around. Each candle is a size of 20cl with a 30 hour burn time and they are made from plant based soy wax with natural fragrances so no nasty chemicals included which is exactly what I look for in a candle! I love the smell of this candle and it will be my Summer 2020 home scent. 

Overall, I adore this box and it’s perfect for a staycation summer. The variety of products inside are spot on too and it’s extremely hard to pick a favourite product this season…but if I had to I would say the Katie Loxton Jewellery Roll and Joma Jewellery Pearl Bracelet (they both are stunning pieces.) The total worth of this box adds up to £130! I am even more excited now to see what Moi-Meme have in store for their Autumn box…

I’d love to know all of your thoughts and opinions about this season’s box, what product is your favourite from this selection? do you love the theme of this box? what do you think about the brand selections? Leave all of your thoughts down in the comments below, I love hearing from you all! 

A Little Bit More Information… Moi-Meme include products from unique brands and every box they dispatch has a lovely variety of items included. They are slightly different from other subscription boxes as they offer an exchange option for products that have different choices (eg: Colour, design, fragrance etc…) so if your not happy with the item they picked out for you, you can get your hands on the one you wanted instead. Which is a great addition to a subscription box!

If you love the contents of this box and their previous boxes I highly recommend subscribing to them, their boxes are always worth the money. The Moi Meme Luxe box (quarterly box) retails for £54.95 and with every box you always get roughly double the amount you paid for. Or you could opt for their Moi-Meme Monthly box which retails for £22.95. Or perhaps you’ll treat yourself to both!

If you are thinking about subscribing to Moi-Meme or want to try out a box then I have a personal code that will give you £5 off your first box! BEYOUCHAR5-2Please Note – This is NOT a sponsored post I buy these boxes with my own money as I fell in love with the box itself. Moi-Meme have given me the chance to give my lovely readers £5 off a first box with this personal code if your interested in subscribing yourself.Love, Charlotte

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