A Surprising Skincare Fact About Blue Light Emission From Our Devices…

Morning Lovelies, 

Recently I made a purchase of some blue light glasses (which I love) and it got me delving into the topic of blue light. I hadn’t really known too much about the potentially harmful effects of exposure to blue light which is emitted from devices until I came across blue light glasses so, once I stumbled upon this product then I did some digging into deeper research and that’s exactly what this post is about today… sharing with you all what I found out about blue light as it really opened up my eyes personally to something that I wasn’t even really aware of. 

I check my phone many times a day and alot of the time I just naturally pick it up without even thinking to check pending notifications or to keep up to date with new emails, send a text, take a photo etc… there are many times that I find myself reaching for my phone and I bet that many of you find yourself doing this each day too. It’s not just my phone though, I also watch tv and log into my laptop daily so I’m not just exposed to blue light from a small phone device but also from bigger devices too. Although the research that I found was 50/50 with some mixed views (some people said blue light from devices was harmless and some said that it was harmful) I think for something like this topic it’s more of a personal choice/thought for how you view the situation, there is evidence out there but it can be limited information. Personally I was very open to what I was reading and there was enough evidence for me to feel like blue light did have the potential to be harmful and that’s why I made the choice to purchase a pair of blue light glasses (I’m not saying that you definitely need a pair too but I feel like they have made some positive benefits to my tech life.) 

What Sort Of Damage And How To Prevent? 

The main thing that I was surprised to learn from the research I did was that technological devices had the potential to damage our skin! I hadn’t honestly thought about that myself so to read this was eye opening.  We should be more aware of our phones, tablets and monitor screens as they emit blue light specifically high-energy visible light (HVE) and Infra-red light too and also we should be more aware of LED and florescent light bulbs. These types of light penetrate the skin more deeply than UV rays from the sun! We all know how harmful the sun’s UV rays are… well the lights I just listed could cause similar damage. Some researchers say that the light that is emitted from screens can break down the skin’s DNA which can prevent the skin from repairing itself and can cause oxidative stress on cells which ends up; weakening cells, causing loss of collagen and causing skin redness and pigmentation… basically some signs of premature ageing. This was shocking to learn!pexels-jessica-ticozzelli-4342427

Like I mentioned above I think it’s a personal choice on how concerned you are with the potential damage that your tech can do to your skin. But if you are wondering what you can do to avoid any potential damage then you’re in luck because there are a couple of things you can do to help…

  • Obviously the main one to prevent blue light damage would be to use your devices as little as possible. The less you use your device then the less exposure you will get. Logic. So perhaps limit your time per day on how much you use your devices and be more mindful of when you are using them. Step away from spending hours of unnecessary scrolling as it maybe speeding up your ageing process. 
  • It’s also good to try and avoid using screens outdoors too because the screen reflects extra UV light from the sun onto your skin which then adds even more damage. 
  • And lastly, it’s a good idea to invest in some different products that offer proper protection from blue light damage. You can buy a protective face cream as there are actually a few modern sunscreens now that also give the added protection of protecting the skin from blue light aswell. And you can even buy your own pair of blue light glasses (like I did) that are designed to be worn when using devices as they include lenses with ‘Blue Light Technology’ which means, they block out most of the blue light which will then help to protect your eyes from damage and also help to protect the skin around that area too. Although not alot of research has been done on how effective blue light glasses really are some claim that they even help with symptoms like headaches, blurry vision, and loss of sleep from too much blue light exposure. I love my blue light glasses and am finding that even when I’m on a device late at night I still nod off to sleep with ease, I’m no longer tossing and turning with my mind still active. So I think they work but others may still be sceptical of it. 

I would love to hear all of your thoughts on this topic of blue light, I’d love to hear from you if you have invested in products that claim to protect from harmful blue light and also any thoughts you may have if your sceptical of it all. This is quite an interesting topic for me so interested in all opinions that you may have. I hope this post has been eye opening for some of you, I really enjoyed writing this and sharing with you all the information that I learnt about that I found surprising myself.Love, Charlotte

11 thoughts on “A Surprising Skincare Fact About Blue Light Emission From Our Devices…

    1. That’s great I would totally recommend! I really do feel that they have helped me, when on the laptop I take them off after I’ve finished and it literally feels like I haven’t even been staring at a screen.
      Thank you so much for reading! Xx

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      1. I was skeptical, but they seem to help. Perhaps it is just my imagination, but IMHO animals and plants can sense and/or react to things humans can not precieve … When a purple plate is accessible, the cats love to sprawl on top of it. Also, when I put one near an ailing plant, it recovered quickly – could have been because I gave it more attention, of course.
        I have issues with sciatica and for a test, put one of the phone-size plates in a pocket of my yoga pants …. pain gradually reduced over 2-3 weeks, so I got a 2nd plate to put in the other pocket.
        My main warning about these is that some companies apparently make copies, so if you decide to get one, make sure it is a real one.

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      2. Thank you for sharing all of your experiences with the purple plates product. It was very interesting to read. It’s such a shame that some people find enjoyment out if making ‘fakes’ for people to spend their hard earned money on, so that’s a great piece of advice. Thank you! Enjoy the rest of your week Xx

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  1. The research may be insufficient or inconclusive, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if blue light does far more damage than we realize. It is really hard to put these toys down, but we should all make an effort to be less dependent.

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