A Guide To Crystals

Morning Lovelies, 

For this weekend I have decided to write two posts on crystals. I realised that I had never actually written a post about crystals and being a wellbeing blogger who is passionate about complementary and alternative medicine I just had to write about crystals for you all finally! So I’m treating you this week to a crystal weekend… Today’s post is going to be a guide to crystals and tomorrow’s post is going to be an interesting one about crystals being used in skincare. (You don’t want to miss that one either.)

Just a little note before you continue – I understand that crystals can be a mixed opinion topic some people love them and swear by their healing powers and others are sceptical and think they are nothing more than just pretty stones. So please know that this post may not be everybody’s cup of tea… you’re entitled to your own opinion and view just like anybody else but just remember to keep any comments thoughtful to others. Thank you. 

About Crystals And Their Magical Powers pexels-wellington-cunha-2479882

Crystals are stunning and absolutely beautiful stones that come in a variety of shapes and colours. Not only are they beautiful to gaze at but they may have something more to offer you. They have been included in complementary and alternative medicine and are known as ‘healing crystals.’ Each crystal is filled with their own healing ability that can heal the mind, body and soul. They also promote a flow of good energy through the body and mind and this energy helps to get rid of any negativity that’s been stored inside, this negative energy release is believed to give emotional and physical benefits. 

The idea of crystals has always interested and intrigued me and it’s an extremely interesting topic I think. Crystals have been around for centuries and even back then was known for their healing powers. It is important to know however, that there is no scientific evidence to support the use of crystals but despite people knowing this and not having any ‘proof’ many are still drawn to their beauty and uniqueness and some people still swear by crystal healing powers. 

Crystals are wonderful pieces for self care and can be used as helpful pieces of focus too. They can bring reflection, mindfulness and acceptance into people’s lives. The mind is a very powerful thing and there has been research to prove that the mind may have more healing powers than people think… so if people really feel a connection and positive energy from a crystal in their mind, body and soul then it’s wonderful that it can give them those positive benefits. 

If you do decide to delve deeper into the world of crystals then ensure you keep an open mind and really check out the different types of stones and which one is most suited to your needs currently. To help you get started I have written an easy to read list down below that will help you to discover some of the most popular crystals. 

Which Crystal Is The Right One For You?pexels-erin-profaci-1573236

When choosing a crystal you need to know which one is going to be best suited to you personally in your current situation. You need to identify what you feel is missing in you or your life to acknowledge what you are looking for. You can either find a crystal based on what you identified is missing or you can let your intuition choose for you… Just see which crystal catches your eye the most or perhaps you can feel a physical pull towards one, any signs like that will be your intuition deciding which crystal is the right one for you. 

Different Types Of Popular Crystals 

Rose Quartz (Love) – Known as the ‘love stone’ or the ‘stone of the heart’ this pretty pink crystal helps to encourage love, trust, one’s worth, respect and restores trust and harmony in relationships.   

Clear Quartz (Balance)  – This white crystal is known as a ‘master healer.’ It absorbs, stores and regulates energy, aids memory and concentration, physically stimulates the immune system and helps to balance out the entire body. 

Moonstone (Inner Growth) – This crystal is known for ‘new beginnings.’ It encourages inner strength and growth, helps to soothe uneasy feelings of stress and promotes positive thinking and intuition. 

Turquoise (Grounding) – This blue crystal can helps with balancing emotions, healing the mind, body and soul and is generally a good luck charm. It can also benefit the immune system and respiratory too. 

Obsidian (Protective)  – This is known as a protective stone and helps to shield from physical and emotional negativity. It helps with promoting strength and clarity and gets rid of emotional blockages. It can also help to aid detoxification in the physical body and can reduce pain and cramps. 

Jasper (Empowering) – This is a smooth crystal which is known as the ‘supreme nurturer.’ It empowers and supports through tough times of stress and protects from negative energy. It promotes courage, confidence and quick thinking too.  

Bloodstone (Strengthening) – This is a powerful healing stone which encourages selflessness, creativity and helps with living in the current moment. It helps with feelings of irritability, aggressiveness and impatience. It also lives up to it’s name (Bloodstone) as it claims to help cleanse the blood by improving circulation and removes any bad environmental energies too. 

Tiger’s Eye (Harmonising) – This is a golden stone that helps to get rid of self-doubt, fear and anxiety. It helps to balance and harmonise so decisions can be clear and conscious ones. It’s good when in need of a motivation or power boost.  

Amethyst (Sincerity) – This purple crystal is healing, purifying and protective. It helps with a variety of things from; insomnia relief, boosting hormone production, relieving stress and pain, getting rid of negative thoughts, helping with spiritual wisdom and sincerity aswell as many other things too.  

Ruby (Vitality) – This red stone improves sensuality, intellect and can restore vitality and energy levels aswell as help with self-awareness too. Back in ancient times the Ruby used to be used to remove toxins from blood and to help improve the circulatory system. 

Citrine (Optimism) – This crystal releases negative traits from your life and brings wonder, joy and enthusiasm. It encourages warmth, motivation and optimism and also helps with concentration and creativity too.

Sapphire (Prosperity) – This is a blue stone that is royalty and wisdom. It can attract peace, happiness and prosperity. It also can help to ease anxiety, depression and insomnia and heals blood disorders, eye issues and cellular levels.

I really hope that you enjoyed exploring the world of crystals and found this an informative read. They are beautiful and stunning stones that can potentially offer someone with an open mind positive qualities, whether that’s through healing or just good energy. There’s nothing wrong with giving crystals a go and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. I’d love to hear all of your thoughts/opinions and experiences with crystals, feel free to share them down in the comments below. Like mentioned above just remember to be mindful and thoughtful about different opinions. Thank you.Love, Charlotte 

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