What’s Inside My FabFitFun Fall 2020 Box? – Subscription Box Review

Morning Lovelies, 

Its officially Fall/Autumn and what better way to welcome the season with a FabFitFun Fall Box Review! I am so excited to share this box with you all as Fall is my favourite season of the year and just this box design alone with all the pumpkins and fall fruits and veg is getting me super excited. I love all things to do with this season, the earthy colours, cosy clothing, hot drinks and pumpkins and here’s a sneak peak for you this box includes a product that is pumpkin spiced theme!! Scroll down to find out what other goodies are filled inside for this season… 

There is always so much to read on my FabFitFun posts as there is alot of information to cover about the box’s subscription details however, all of the information you need to know you will be able to find at the bottom of this review if your wanting to know more about FabFitFun subscriptions.

Fall 2020

Products That ALL MEMBERS Can Choose From:


UNCOMMON JAMES Set Of 2 Copper Canisters $49

This was not my first choice of item I really was looking forward to choosing the Botkier New York Trigger Backpack however, due to shipping restrictions these were not available to choose unfortunately. So I settled with these copper canisters. Even though they weren’t my first pick of choice they are stunning pieces and look fabulous in my kitchen as my teabag and cookies storage tins. The light bounces off the copper really beautifully and they look very shiny and polished. I love the copper finish to them and the wooden lid adds a rustic touch to them. The canisters themselves are in the sizes Medium and Large. 

Other Options To Choose From:

  • BOTKIER New York Bond Tote $128 (Shipping Restrictions)
  • BOTKIER New York Trigger Backpack $100 (Shipping Restrictions)
  • FOXYBAE 25mm Black Curling Wand With Rose Gold Colored Barrel $99 (Shipping Restrictions)
  • STILA Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner + Huge Extreme Lash Mascara $45
  • SACHAJUAN Styling Cream + Finish Cream $65
  • MIA MELANGE Foldable Cotton Basket $60


SOIA & KYO Woven Scarfigan With Fringe $85


This is absolutely beautiful and totally in my style of fashion for the Fall season. Anything cardigans, shawls, ponchos I love to wear so a scarfigan is perfect to add to my wardrobe and I couldn’t resist. The shade of this piece is subtle pinks/greys and white, they go together so well and look lovely and elegant. If you didn’t know a scarfigan is a scarf-cardigan crossover and this one is crafted with signature woven fabric which is so so soft. I can’t wait to wear this now the weather has become chillier and it drapes and wrapes lovely round the shoulders. Also anything with fringe detailing I love so that’s a bonus! 

Other Options To Choose From:

  • BEYOND YOGA Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarf $59.95
  • GLOSSMETICS Hair Removal Device $59.99
  • DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE Alpha Beta Pore Perfecting & Refining Serum $65 (Shipping Restrictions)
  • VOLITION BEAUTY Celery Green Cream $55
  • ERNO LASZLO Pore Cleansing Clay Mask $48



How beautiful is this necklace pendant and for $115 it’s exceeded how much I paid for the box with this one product alone. This is a layered necklace that has detailing of a hand formed drop that hangs down from a stamped and high polished curb chain. It’s a really pretty piece of jewellery and it’s quite unique looking too so I had to choose this over the other options. 

Other Options To Choose From:

  • JENNY BIRD Austin Cuff $135
  • VITAMASQUES Multivitamin Mask Set $40
  • NECTAR Sunglasses Blue Light Blocking Glasses In Brown Tortoise $45
  • BEAUTY BAKERIE Proof Is In The Puddin’ Palette $38 

Products That Only SELECT MEMBERS Can Choose From: (If a SEASONAL MEMBER FabFitFun Will Choose For You) 


MASONTOPS Glass Water Bottle With Neoprene In Turquoise $35

Because I’m a select member I got to pick the next two choices and I went with this water bottle that is made from a masontop glass jar and has a drinkable lid for the top. It holds up to 500ml and comes with a handy neoprene cover which will help to keep my drink cooler for longer. Even though I have alot of reusable water bottles I still wanted to pick this as I thought with the neoprene cover it will be handy to have as a night water bottle (as I always take a drink of water up to bed with me) so during the night my drink stays cool. I’ve been using this since receiving and am so pleased with the quality of it.  

Other Options To Choose From:

  • SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Whipped Cleansing Cream $28
  • FEEL BEAUTY Renewed Pumpkin Walnut Facial Cleanser $28
  • FRANK BODY Original Coffee Scrub $16.95 (I added this at an additional cost of $7.)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


HIP Cutlery Set $14.99

This is an item that I have never really thought to buy but would definitely come in handy so something that I should actually own and that’s why I picked this one for my choice. It’s a wheat straw cutlery set that is reusable and comes with a carry/storage case. So handy to have with a fork, knive and spoon included and the quality is great and sturdy. I do like the speckled blue shade of the cutlery (although would of loved it even more in a pink shade!) and the case is perfect for storing the cutlery in. 

Other Options To Choose From:

  • NCLA So Rich Cuticle Oil In Horchata $18
  • LIKWID RX Stress Reliever 100% Natural Ayurvedic Hair Oil $75
  • 8 OTHER REASONS Runway Clip Trio $32
  • HARPER + ARI Exfoliating Sugar Cubes In Juice Cleanse $16

FFF’S PICK: (FabFitFun Surprises With An Option They Think You’ll Love) 

ITEM 6: 

VOESH New York Pedicure In A Box Duo – Pumpkin Spice $20


I am delighted that FabFitFun chose this item for me as it’s definitely one that I would of picked myself. I’m not sure why but over here in the UK I never seem to see many products that have pumpkin spice theme to it so I was super excited to see this pedicure set in my box. This is a pedicure set that includes a; salt soak, sugar scrub, mud masque and massage butter. It’s made from pumpkin extract, Vitamin A, C and E and this all helps to exfoliate and reveal more radiant and smooth skin. You get two sessions in this box duo and I’ve already tried the first lot and it was literally pumpkin heaven. It smelt delicious and it really did leave my feet feeling loved and super soft and pampered. Can’t wait to treat my feet to the next session…

Other Products That You Could Receive

  • THE LAUNDRESS New York Crease Release $16
  • SPONGELLE Boxed Flower In Sweet Cedarwood $16


NATURELAB TOKYO Perfect Repair Treatment Masque $16

This is not a product that I would of picked for myself as I own quite a few hair masks already and would of preferred the room spray in pumpkin spice (of course) however, this treatment mask helps to restore dull hair from the scalp and the strands with Keratin technology, prickly pear oil and argan oil. It’s an interesting green tinged colour but definitely looks like it will be a good quality hair mask. 

Other Products That You Could Receive

  • STONE CANDLES Room Spray In Pumpkin Spice $36
  • STONE CANDLES Room Spray In Santal Noir $36
  • HYTHE Tranquillity Sleep Mist $22 (Shipping Restrictions)


THE BEAUTY CROP Glow Milk In Blind Date $19.50


I love anything glowing and shimmery so this is a perfect choice for me. This is a glow milk by The Beauty Crop that is enriched with coconut. The shade of this highlighter is in blind date and it’s super stunning with coppery/rose gold looking tones. I’m excited to try this liquid illuminator out. 

Other Products That You Could Receive

  • BEAUTY PAPIER Golden Superfood Shower Gel $30
  • ZIGI & MARAIS Pouch With Stripe $30

TOTAL WORTH OF MY BOX (Excluding Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub As I Purchased That At An Additional Cost): $354.49 USD (Roughly £274.09 GBP)

Overall, this is a wonderful box, the variety in products this season is mind blowing as there was so many different choices to choose from. The box would not of been complete without a cosy fashion piece so for me the scarfigan is my favourite product of this box for sure. I love receiving jewellery in subscription boxes also and the necklace I chose is beautiful so really pleased with that too. This box also includes some very handy and useful products aswell which I like and of course having a pumpkin spiced theme product is just the cherry on top of a fall themed box!

I never really have anything bad to say about FabFitFun as they are definitely my favourite subscription box out there and the total worth of box and choice of products are always fabulous however, this season I was dissapointed at the amount of products with shipping restrictions and therefore couldn’t be chosen. I totally understand products that are electricals and other items similar but for a bag to be excluded it is abit of a disappointment. I think I was more dissapointed with the fact that for the First Choice Category three of the big ticket items had shipping restrictions and that really does cut the choice down for the category. I know that alot of others who experienced shipping restrictions also felt abit let down and left out by the choices left so hopefully FabFitFun will make some improvements to having less shipping restricted items or maybe offering alternative items of similar worth to the countries where the shipping restrictions apply? Just a thought. I would love to know your opinions on the shipping restriction products and which ones you were hoping for yourself? 

As always FabFitFun subscription boxes are always so worth the price, everytime the box exceeds how much I spent on it as a whole and you get so so much for your money… every box is literally a huge bargain. You can customise alot of the products that you get, the variety of products you receive are so interesting and different to most subscription boxes out there, they are very generous on product sizes and prices and they somehow manage to fit and pack everything into their boxes. I highly recommend FabFitFun to anybody who is looking for a subscription box that is well worth the money!

I would love to know what your favourite product from this review is? What choices would you of personally picked if you had brought this box? Perhaps you are a member of the FabFitFun family, if you are did you love this seasons Fall box and it’s contents? What products did you receive differently? I would love to know what you got! Let me know all of your thoughts and comments down below as I love hearing from you all!

Love, Charlotte

More Detailed Information About FabFitFun Subscription Box…


For those of you who don’t know who FabFitFun are they are a seasonal (quarterly) subscription women’s lifestyle box, created in the US. Each box is curated for the specific season and contains a massive variety of products…Beauty, Skincare, Fashion, Fitness, Travel, Home, Tech, Cooking/Food and so much more. With each box they include a magazine that explains all about the items you will find inside, some articles on how to use them and other informative bits n bobs too.


Because this box is created in the US (Los Angeles to be exact) then all the pricing that I talk about will be in Dollars. The cost of this box seasonally is $49.99 USD. You can also choose their Annual plan (which gives you a few extra added benefits for example; quicker shipping and more customisation choices etc…) this will cost you $179.99 USD for the four boxes. (It would usually cost $199.99 USD but FabFitFun have reduced the price for the Annual plan so it works out slightly cheaper per box.) Each box will contain over $200.00 in products… (but the whole box cost of products is usually well over this!) 

UK Custom Charges?

Because I live in the UK I was nervous for Custom Charges when I brought my first box and how much the shipping would actually be (if the box would still be worth it if the shipping prices were high) however, I am extremely pleased and super happy to say that upon delivery I am never charged any Custom Fees. (I’m not saying you definitely won’t receive Custom charge however, I wanted you to know that I haven’t and by the looks of other UK buyers experiences that I’ve come across they haven’t been extra charged either.)

UK Shipping Charge

Box shipping to the UK (when you pay seasonally for your box) is $10 USD plus $12.00 for tax. (All of those fees you pay from the FabFitFun checkout page.) So a seasonal box plan for someone in the UK including shipping etc…comes to $71.99 USD which is £59.03 GBP. Definitely the most expensive subscription box that I have subscribed too however, payment does only come around 4 times a year and it’s totally worth it when you consider the amount of amazing products that you receive and how much the total worth of each box comes too.


The best thing about this box is that with each box FabFitFun gives you a choice to customise some of the products that you will receive. Which means you are guaranteed to get a couple of things that you are in love with. I absolutely love this idea and think it’s a unique touch for a subscription box to allow subscribers to do. If you become an Annual Subscriber you get to customise even more options than a Seasonal Subscriber so that’s a big perk of paying annually. 

If there is more than one product out of the choices that you love FabFitFun also allow you to add on additional choice items and if you do this the item will be much lower than the original cost, and it means you can then get all the products you really love in your box and don’t always have to settle for the one item you chose for your choice pick. 

With each box I review I will let you know for the customise items what other products I could of picked from aswell as the one I did choose to receive. I will also clearly state which products were available for all members to customise, the choice of customisation just for select members and the products for the FabFitFun picks. 


If that all wasn’t enough there is even more fabulous stuff available. FabFitFun have something called Add On’s which is where you can shop a big variety of products and purchase them at a huge price reduction than their original cost. Add On’s open up usually just before your box payment comes out for a limited time only. Annual Subscribers (Select Members) get the first pick as it opens up to them early and then it opens up to everyone else subscribed. 

If you added Add On items to your cart then you don’t need to checkout as you will be automatically billed them on the same day that your usual box payment comes out. They also ship the Add On’s at the same time as your box so you won’t have more shipping fees to pay out. I often shop their add ons and I have never been charged more postage or extra customs no matter how heavy the box is upon arrival.  

I think that’s covered everything you would roughly need to know about FabFitFun boxes ♥

15 thoughts on “What’s Inside My FabFitFun Fall 2020 Box? – Subscription Box Review

  1. On first impressions the packaging and the items are very presentable for the feeling of fall.
    I wouldn’t have gone for the copper pots originally myself either, but they are lovely.
    I loved everything in your package although glow milk is one that wouldn’t interest me with not going for anything like that. But lovely all the same.
    But yes, not receiving a bag due to shipping restrictions, now that is unexplainable.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you Liz for taking the time to read and for commenting. It’s wonderful to hear all of your thoughts and opinions on the box and its products. I agree with you that it gave the feeling of fall! And it’s good to hear that I’m not the only one unsure about the shipping restrictions for a bag, like you said it’s unexplainable. Thank you again for stopping by! Take Care Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Are you talking about dark circles under the eye area? If so I personally haven’t had this issue before so I wouldn’t like to tell you any specific skincare products as I wouldn’t know if they work or not however, if you look for eye treatments that specifically target dark circles then you may find one that works for you. If your looking for a makeup product concealer would be great for hiding dark circles, it doesn’t fix the issue but it’s a good way to cover it up if your unhappy about it.
        For other suggestions I have heard that applying a cold compress to the under eye area helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles, just place a cooling washcloth for 20 mins to the under eye area and make sure the cloth stays cool the whole time. Tea bags are also another known way to improve the dark circles appearance as it contains antioxidants and caffeine that helps to stimulate blood circulation, reduce liquid retention under the skin and shrinks the blood vessels. The best way to use these is with black or green tea bags, put them in hot water for 5 mins, then place them in the fridge to chill for 15 to 20 mins and once cold place them on your closed eyes for about 10 to 20 mins. Make sure to rinse your eyes with cool water afterwards.
        I hope these suggestions will help you in some way and sorry I couldn’t recommend any specific products. Thank you for asking the question ☺️ Xx


  2. Such a great box! OMG, every item I keep thinking, oh I love this and then the next one comes up and I’m like oh I love this too. The scarf, the PS masks, the cutlery so so nice

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Oh my goodness, okayyyy FabFitFun, I see you!!! I’m very impressed with the contents, I didn’t realize Uncommon James collabs with them!! I also love the pendant they sent you too. I always think about signing up and I’m feeling a little more swayed now 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha love the “Oh my goodness, okayyyy FabFitFun, I see you!!!” part. Yes it is an impressive box and so glad to hear that you think so too. FabFitFun is one of the best subscription boxes out there in my opinion, you always get so much worth for your money so I would highly recommend joining the FabFitFun family. Thank you for taking the time to check out this post Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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