3 Ways To Silence That Negative Self-Talk

Morning Lovelies,

Every single one of us has that inner critic voice inside…you know the one. The one that is self-doubting and negative, that super persistent voice that gets louder and louder until it feels like it’s impossible to silence it. It can often seem like this inner critic voice is always there just lingering in the back of our minds. For me it’s often the ‘not good enough’ inner critic that comes to mind, I’ve been known to have this playing on repeat in my head at times and because of this I have learnt some very valuable ways to help silence the negative inner self-talk that just doesn’t serve any real beneficial purpose. These three ways to silence that inner critic inside of you will help for any negative thoughts you maybe experiencing.

  1. Recognise It – Part of being human is having an inner fault-finder and honestly noone is immune to it. World leaders, CEOs, people in the spotlight they all at one point have dealt with that negative inner critic no matter how great their self-esteem and confidence appears on the outside. Recognising this is important as it helps you to understand that you aren’t the only one who experiences this taunting chatterbox and you are no different from any other human who also experiences the inner critic.

  2. Be A Friend To Yourself – Do you find that you are wonderful at lending a sympathetic ear to others? Many of us are so good at that and we pride ourselves on being a good friend who others can confide in but for some reason giving the same amount of empathy to ourselves is a struggle. So why not start being your own best friend and showing yourself that sympathetic ear that you give to others, give yourself love, care and patience for a change. 

  3.  Muffle Out That Voice – Daily positive affirmations have really helped me out for silencing my inner critic voice. Reading one positive affirmation out loud each day and reminding myself of it regularly throughout the day has helped me to focus on a positive and pick myself up on those days where I feel abit down on myself for whatever reason. Also being conscious throughout the day with the choices I make helps too as then I have positive points to focus on instead of just listening to my inner critic. For example; Being more conscious with my food choices, how I spend my free time, making time to exercise/meditate etc… 

This post is a short and sweet one but I still hope that you found this an interesting and helpful read. I would love to hear all of your suggestions and tips that you might have for silencing negative inner critic voices, feel free to leave these down below in the comments.

Love, Charlotte

4 thoughts on “3 Ways To Silence That Negative Self-Talk

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed these tips! I’m so sorry for the late reply back I found your comment in my spam section and have only just worked my way through them now… will have to check that box more frequently. Thank you for stopping by! Xx

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