Glossybox October 2020 – What’s Inside?

Afternoon Lovelies,

This month’s Glossybox is super exciting and I can’t wait to share this box with you all. The theme for October’s box is ‘The Beauty Tales’ and there are two extremely stunning box designs that you could receive. There is the Enchanted Spirit edit and the Midnight Fantasy edit. The one that I received myself is Enchanted Spirit (the contents for Midnight Fantasy will vary slightly.) 


I’m guessing that because October is a month of Halloween festivities, Glossybox has brought us two very magical box designs for the occasion… both with contents that are bewitching and products that will enhance beauty. In the box leaflet that they provide with each box they have written, “Filled with five entrancing lotions and potions, you can use the concoctions inside this edit to brew supernatural recipes that relax and soothe your mind, prepare elixirs that transform the look and feel of your skin, and create spellbinding guises that enthral and ensnare.” I absolutely love this month’s Beauty Tales theme I think it’s incredibly unique and well thought out and it’s definitely my favourite box design by Glossybox so far. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! 



BUBBLE T COSMETICS LTD Fairy Dust Foaming Bath Powder


I adore the name for this foaming bath powder… Fairy Dust (It’s a lovely touch.) This is mystical fairy dust by Bubble T that is perfect for relaxing in with a warm bath. It’s infused with a lavender scent that helps to destress and helps to wind down the body and mind for sleep. This 100g packet retails for £5.99. 

EYESENTIAL Under Eye Enhancer


I haven’t ever come across this product before but apparently it’s been used by Hollywood celebrities and make-up artists for over 30 years! So I am surprised that I have not heard about this product until now. It is an under eye enhancer by Eyesential which gets rid of dark circles, eye puffiness and fine lines for up to 10 hours. Apparently it disguises all under eye imperfections with it’s very thin and invisible film. I’m really looking forward to trying this out as it sounds like magic! This size is a deluxe mini with 8ml worth of product inside and retails for £8. 


ILLAMASQUA Hydra Veil Primer


This is a much loved product and I have heard alot of fabulous things about this primer. It’s part hydrator and part primer and the formula is very unique as it’s got a jelly/gel like texture. It smooths out easily once applied, hydrates the skin and prepares it for application of foundation. It contains Microalgae, Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 too. This is in a cute deluxe mini 7ml pot which is worth £10. 

LUNA BY LUNA Pixie Lipstick


This is a new brand discovery for me as I haven’t heard of Luna by Luna before. This product is their pixie lipstick which is in a very bright red/pink shade. Personally, it’s not a shade that I would normally wear so this product is a pass for me but if you do wear this shade of lipstick the formula is apparently smooth and creamy and gives a very rich, long-lasting pigment. It retails for £15.  

THE BEAUTY CROP Stargazing Blush Duo



This is a very pretty blush duo by The Beauty Crop. I love the stargazing design of the packaging and the star on the actual blushes. The duo blush combines a matte hue with a shimmery shade and they are smooth pressed powders. One is in a pinky shade and the other is abit darker. This blush duo retails for £18. The only issue I have with this is that mine is incredibly difficult to open, I’m not sure if others find this a problem but I have been really struggling to pop open the lid of the blushes which is a shame as I need help to open it in the end so, I wouldn’t be able to use this product unless someone was around to help me open it up. 

EXTRA TREAT – CADBURY Darkmilk Chocolate – Yummy, yummy, yummy. A lovely little extra edible treat which I thoroughly enjoyed with my cuppa!


Overall, the box design and theme is beautiful and so magical however, I wasn’t overly impressed with the product selection for this theme. My favourite product of the box is the Eyesential Under Eye Enhancer as it’s been adored by Hollywood celebrities and make-up artists for 30 years! So I’m intrigued to see if this works for me. The rest of the box I like except the lipstick shade but nothing really wowed me for this month. However, I don’t mind as the box design is stunning and I will be hanging the lid on display on my wall as it’s just too pretty to store away. The total worth of this box comes to £56.99. 

I would love to know all of your thoughts and opinions on this months The Beauty Tales box… Which design did you receive? What products did you get differently? Do you have a favourite product from this selection? I love hearing from you all, so leave your comments down below.  Love, Charlotte

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