Beauty Works x Molly-Mae Waver Kit Review

Afternoon Lovelies, 

Recently I decided to treat myself to a hair styling tool that I have had my eye on since it came out on the market and I’ve been so excited  to write a review of this product for you all. It’s the Beauty Works Waver Kit in collaboration with Molly-Mae. The Waver itself is the same as the Beauty Works Waver but I chose the collaboration one as I adore the limited-edition design that the Waver has on it and it also comes with a useful kit of other items too. The kit itself retails for £89.99 but if you shop around abit you can get some good discounts on this product just to make it that little bit more affordable.

If your looking to create effortless mermaid locks then look no further as this Waver is perfect for achieving this look.

This Waver is the award winning Beauty Works Waver in an exclusive pink palm design and honestly it’s the prettiest hair styling tool that I’ve ever seen (bonus it’s also in my favourite baby pink shade!) It’s a triple barrel wave iron that creates defined, s-shape waves (think soft beachy, mermaid waves.) I LOVE mermaid waves, so I just had to try this out when I’d heard about it and it really does create the desired style. The Waver has an adjustable temperature of 80-220°C which is a fabulous range of temperatures to choose from. Personally, I have thicker hair so I find using this on a hotter temperature works the best. On a hotter temperature the waves are more defined and the lower temperatures for me just didn’t wave or hold as well, so make sure you see what temperature works best for your own hair type. I love that this tool is super quick to reach the chosen temperature literally takes 60 seconds to fully heat up! 



The barrels themselves are ceramic coated which helps to seal the hair’s cuticle to prevent unwanted frizz and to give some lovely shine to the locks. As you can see from the picture the barrels are pretty big in size which is what creates the perfect mermaid wave.


I didn’t know this until I got it but the Waver also has a little metal attachment on it, you can use this as a stand which I think is a genius idea and very useful for when you are waiting for the Waver to cool down after use. 


This is the result of the Waver on 100% natural human hair extensions. As you can see it waves a section of hair softly and beautifully and also gives a wonderful shine to finish the look. In my opinion this style would look fabulous on any hair lengths whether you have short, medium or long hair as it will create beautiful beach worthy waves effortlessly. The Waver is so easy to use as you just take a section of hair, clamp down with the Waver, hold for 5 seconds, release and then continue to do this down the rest of the section until you reach the end. I find that the smaller the sections are the more defined the wave sets, if you wave bigger sections then this creates a looser wave style.  


The kit also includes; a pink travel case for the Waver, heat protective mat, 8 flat-no crease clips and a beach wave comb (all in pink of course.) The no crease clips are a game changer as you can place them onto the wave pattern to really frame the face… it just gives the wave an even more defined finish. (It’s a little hard to explain on writing but there are many tutorials out there that show how to use these clips.) The beach wave comb is great to use after all of the waves have been created, running the wide tooth comb through the hair really helps to loosen up the waves and blends them altogether. 

Overall, this Waver is the perfect way to achieve stunning mermaid waves and it definitely does what it claims to do. I highly recommend this high quality heat tool to anybody who is after the beach/mermaid wave look… I’ve been wanting this hair style for ages and I found that Curling Wands never gave me the desired look that I was after so, I am thrilled to finally have my hands on this Waver that creates the style that I wanted to achieve. Have you tried the Beauty Works x Molly-Mae Waver Kit out for yourself? If so I would love to know all of your own thoughts and opinions on this product too, so don’t forget to leave a comment below.

Love, Charlotte

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