Glossybox November 2020 – What’s Inside?

Morning Lovelies,

This month Glossybox have chosen the theme ‘Makeup & Magic’ for their November box and it’s filled with products that will help to prepare for any up-coming celebrations, which is handy with Christmas just around the corner. 



QUE BELLA Recharge & Restore Moonstone Glitter Gel Mask


This product is perfect for the theme of magic as it’s a gel face mask that is enriched with recharging moonstone and glitter shimmer particles. The mask itself helps to hydrate the skin leaving it to feel nourished and brightened. I love the packaging for this face mask it’s so shimmery and eye-catching and I can’t wait to try this out one pamper evening. The mask has 15g of product and retails for £2.49. 

GENERATION CLAY Ultra-Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask


This is a deluxe mini size (50ml) of Generation Clay’s Ultra-Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask which retails for £19.32. This face mask rejuvenates dull and tired looking skin and evens up it’s complexion, giving the skin a more radiant look. I love face masks so having two included in this box is a treat for me. If you receive Glossybox too then you may get the MUDMASKY Leave-Me-On Autumn Mask instead of this product which retails for £35. Glossybox will choose which face mask you will receive…


LASPLASH COSMETICS Magic Eyeshadow Palette



I’m so excited to share with you this beautifully designed mystical eyeshadow palette by LASplash Cosmetics. The palette retails for £29 and includes eight shades that will give you looks for the day or night. The shades are pressed powder eyeshadows which are highly pigmented and there is a good mix of variety in colours to choose from with 5 mattes and 3 shimmer finishes. I also think it’s great that they have also included the eyeshadow names by each pan. I love these shades especially the shimmers and I’m really looking forward to trying this palette out. 


SPECTRUM COLLECTIONS Limited Edition B07 Brush


No box that contains an eyeshadow palette would be complete unless an eyeshadow brush is included and this is the Spectrum Collections Limited Edition B07 Brush. This brush retails for £7.99 and is a tail pointed blender brush with synthetic soft bristles. It’s perfect for blending out shadows across the lid and into the crease of the eye. 


HASK Argan Oil Repairing Deep Conditioner


I love when Glossybox include Hask Hair Masks in their boxes and this one is an Argan Oil Repairing Deep Conditioner. It comes in a packet with 50ml of product inside and is worth £2. The conditioner is formulated with Organic Argan Oil that is unique to Morocco, and it helps to deep condition dry and damaged hair and transforms it into smooth luscious locks. It’s an intensely hydrating mask that strengthens, restores and smooths.   

Overall,  this is a good box of products for the theme of ‘Makeup & Magic’ although perhaps it should of been called Masks & Magic because there is three different masks included in this box. I am excited to try out the products inside and my favourite product would have to be the eyeshadow palette and B07 brush (the packaging on the eyeshadow palette is just stunning.) The total worth of this box comes to £60.80.

Like always I would love to know all of your thoughts and opinions on this months ‘Makeup & Magic’ box. What product is your favourite from this selection? I love hearing from you all, so leave your comments down below.

Love, Charlotte 

4 thoughts on “Glossybox November 2020 – What’s Inside?

    1. Fabulous to hear that hair masks make a difference for you, I love hair masks too but I agree it can be an easy step to skip/forget about… I find scheduling it in my diary helpful as it reminds me to do one! Thank you for taking the time to read Xx

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