Morphe 35XO Natural Flirt Artistry Palette Review + Swatches

Morning Lovelies, 

Anybody who knows me well knows that I love a good Morphe Eyeshadow Palette… they are affordable, high quality and highly pigmented always. So when I saw that Morphe had released their Holiday Collection for 2020 this month, I couldn’t resist treating myself to their new and absolutely stunning 35XO Natural Flirt Artistry Palette (£24) which I’m going to review and swatch for you all today. 


The 35XO Natural Flirt Artistry Palette is so stunning, not only is the packaging design pretty but the collection of these shades are beautiful! It is a 35 pan eyeshadow palette that contains a mixture of 15 shimmers and 20 matte shades. The shades range from shimmering nudes to deep purple/plum berries. This is a perfect neutrals palette and it has a good balance between soft and bold colours so it’ll be fabulous for daytime looks and gorgeous for those bolder nights out.  I love that this palette includes neutral, earth, pink and mauve/purple tones… it would be incredible if Morphe created a permanent palette with these shades included as it’s my favourite palette by far. 



All swatches done in natural lighting on arm. 


Row 1 (Left to Right): Single Life, Across the Room, Come Here Often, Your Move, Hair Flip, Get the Digits, Eye Contact


Row 2 (Left to Right): U Up?, Message Read, Major Seduction, Touchy Feely, Hard to Get, Body Language, Just Friends


Row 3 (Left to Right): Met Online, Matchmaker, Double Tap, The Chase, Talk Feelings, Too Swoon, Slay the Field


Row 4 (Left to Right): Charmer, Dating History, Kiss Me, Crushin’ Hard, Second Date, Show Some Skin, Let’s Snuggle


Row 5 (Left to Right): Love Story, Over the Moon, Meet the Rents, Happy Ever After, Plus One, With this Bling, Make It Official

I’m really looking forward to creating different eye looks with these shadows as the range of these shades will create endless possibilities of looks. When swatching the shadows they had minimum fall out, were creamy and smooth to apply and all of these shades were only swatched once… so the pigmentation is impressive and highly highly pigmented! I can imagine they will also blend easily when applied. I’m very impressed overall with this 35XO Natural Flirt Artistry Palette and it’s my favourite palette so far that Morphe has created. 

I would love to know all of your opinions and thoughts on this palette. Do you love the shades chosen for this palette? What do you think of this palette being created for the Holiday Collection of 2020? Which is your favourite shade out of the swatches? Have you treated yourself to this palette or is it on your Christmas wish list… I love hearing from you all, so leave your comments down below.

Love, Charlotte 


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