3 Simple Suggestions For A More Mindful And Present Christmas

Evening Lovelies, 

It’s the beginning of December and the festive season has started! Anybody who knows me knows that I love Christmas so much… it brings hope, joy and love (aswell as lots of delicious food yum!) But as joyful as Christmas is it can be short on relaxation and alot of people can find it quite a stressful or emotional time… However, I like to view Christmas as the perfect opportunity to practise mindfulness, indulging and tuning into all of our senses like; seeing, feeling, smell and taste. I have put together 3 simple suggestions that will hopefully help you to take a step back and be fully present and enjoy a more mindful and relaxing festive period. pexels-photo-3224164

  1. Decorate Your Home Mindfully – There’s a wonderful feeling I get when bringing the Christmas box decorations back out of storage. It’s so exciting and the boxes just smell of Christmas (if Christmas had a scent for me it would be that.) When you bring your decorations back out allow yourself to become aware of all the different sensations. For example; the scent of the decorations and boxes, the feeling of the Christmas tree, the shine and glow of the fairy lights and different bauble shapes, the sound of classic Christmas tunes playing in the background, a deliciously scented festive candle burning etc… Tuning into all of the different sensations around you is not only enjoyable but it can also be a mindful practice. Spend time experiencing and fully immersing yourself into the Christmas spirit by doing this. 
  2. Make Time For A Daily December Mindfulness Meditation – I find December to be a very magical time of year… there is just so much to find pleasure in. Why not take just five small minutes everyday to focus on the magical sensations that surround you this month. For example; the crisp air outside, the different wildlife about this time of year (sweet little robins), the pretty twinkling of lights, the yummy smells of baking Christmas Treats and warming spices in the air, the rich hot cocoa in your cuppa, being in the chatty company of others… Embrace every sight, sound, taste and smell daily! 
  3. Allow Any Negative Feelings Too – Christmas can also bring up the feelings of sadness, stress or anxiety depending on what situations you are personally going through and allowing yourself to notice these negative feelings is very important. Never ignore your emotions, instead just allow yourself to observe and acknowledge them and then show yourself some time and self-love. Remember that pushing away unpleasant feelings only makes them heavier on the heart. If you also find that you are rushing forward to the big day and feeling in abit of a whirlwind of never ending to do lists and chores then take some time to sit, take a few deep and slow breaths and then notice these thoughts and bring yourself back to the present moment when you catch yourself rushing… ask yourself what is here right now? 

I hope you enjoyed reading these simple suggestions and hopefully they will come in handy to you at some point during this enchanting festive season. I would love to know how you relax during the festive period yourself? And as this is a festive post feel free to share any thoughts and opinions on what you love the most at Christmas… I love to hear from you all. Here’s to a more mindful and present Christmas! Love, Charlotte

7 thoughts on “3 Simple Suggestions For A More Mindful And Present Christmas

  1. Well said! “Allow for negative feelings”! I feel it’s important we honor all of our feelings, and not try to force ourselves to feel “what we’re supposed to feel”.

    This goes for each day too, not just holiday time, but around the holidays we sometimes get hit out of the blue with sadness, anger, weeping, anxiety, depression, or just feeling blue. If we sit with our feelings and identify them I stead of stuffing them down, we actually allow ourselves to move through those moments better.

    Thanks for sharing!


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