Feel More Prepared For The Colder Months With These Winter Wellbeing Tips

Afternoon Lovelies, 

Wintertime can be a challenging season physically and emotionally. The colder weather can be damaging to our skin and hair and the early dark nights can become tedious and make us feel gloomy throughout the season. I have put together some physical and emotional tips that will hopefully help you to feel more prepped for the Winter months ahead so you have a happier and healthier time. I haven’t covered a big variety of areas for my tips but I have chosen to cover a few key ones like SAD, Skincare, Haircare and Diet.

  • Prevent SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder is very real and can incredibly draining for people who experience this during the cold and dark winter months. The best way to prevent/lessen SAD is to get out and about walking to get that much needed exposure to daylight. Exposing yourself to more daylight is extremely beneficial in many ways and will even help to elevate your mood, natural daylight also helps to reset our body’s natural body clock and can stabilise hormone production too including melatonin which is what helps us to sleep properly. Connecting yourself to nature whilst walking is fabulous for our mental wellbeing and taking in all of the surroundings using our different senses is very healing for the mind. Observe the light around you, the different sounds and colours, the feel of the air and cooler temperature against your skin etc… be mindful on your walk. It’s a well known fact that time spent in nature brings so many wonderful benefits to us – after all nature is a natural healer. In the Winter months we don’t usually venture out as often as we should, it’s cold and the daylight hours are much shorter so it can be a challenge to do this daily but I highly recommend staying motivated and incorporate this into your daily routine as you will reap so many benefits from doing so. If SAD is a problem for you then you can find anti-SAD blue or white spectrum lights which can be very effective so I would highly recommend doing some research on them if you are interested in finding out more. 
  • Care For Your Skin – Skin can become chapped and dry from the cold exposure and so a good rich moisturiser is a must, look for ones which are formulated with nourishing and hydrating ingredients. Face masks also make great moisturising facial treatments so I recommend including those in your weekly skincare routine too. Chapped lips can be very common during the colder months aswell so look for a fabulous protective lip balm that soothes and hydrates your pout. For an all over beauty treatment consider using bath oils that will nourish your skin wonderfully (just remember to be careful when stepping out as the oily residue will be super slippery!) Another wonderful tip to remember is when you shower just stick to warm or lukewarm water and shower for a maximum of 5 minutes. Although hot water feels so good on a cold winter’s day long exposure to this strips moisture from your skin and hair and dries them out really fast… not what anybody wants!
  • Red Nose When Outside In The Cold? Here’s A Quick Fix Solution – When you are outside in the cold have you noticed that your nose becomes red and you start looking like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? That’s because your blood vessels reduce circulation to your nose, then when you re-enter back inside the blood vessels dilate quickly causing a rush of blood to that area… this is what gives you that dreaded red nosed look. The fix for this is to apply a warm (not hot) compress to the area for several minutes after coming indoors, the redness should quickly disappear. 
  • Look After Your Hair – Everybody’s hair is different and so we all wash our locks different amounts to what suits our own hairs needs but, during the Winter months consider washing your hair less often. When it’s cold and windy out your hair is more vulnerable to breakage and damage, it’s also in it’s most delicate state when wet aswell so avoid blow-drying or brushing it just after washing it. Washing it less will mean that it’s wet less (obviously) so it won’t be in it’s most delicate state as much. Some people can also experience more static in their hair during the Wintertime, this is because the scalp produces fewer oils during the Winter and this can increase static electricity. Using a conditioner is a must to beat static hair, I personally like to use a leave-in conditioner to protect against any static strands and to keep my hair in top condition. If your hair goes crazy with static electricity and it’s sticking up here there and everywhere then a quick fix is to gently rub a dryer sheet over it, this will change it quickly to well behaved and more manageable hair.
  • Up Your Intake Of Those Vital Nutrients – What you eat during the Winter season is very important, especially as you need to support your immune system as much as possible during the cold and flu season months. Include many different fruit and veggies in your meals daily and basically just ‘eat the colours of the rainbow.’ Eating fruits and veggies in a variety of different colours will ensure that you are intaking a balanced wide range of vitamins and nutrients. Supplements can also help you to increase your nutrient and vitamin intake but still try and aim for a good, well balanced healthy diet daily. 

I hope you find these tips helpful for the upcoming colder months and I would love to know if you have any more tips that help to support our physical and emotional wellbeing during the Wintertime. Feel free to leave all of your thoughts in the comments below as I love hearing from you all.

Love, Charlotte 

5 thoughts on “Feel More Prepared For The Colder Months With These Winter Wellbeing Tips

  1. Ooh thank goodness the tip was to wash our hair less often! I don’t feel like a shower at all, these days!😂 But hair breakage is a major problem, thanks for reminding!💕😁

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