My Favourite Natural Deodorant – Wild Deodorant Review

Afternoon Lovelies,

This year I decided to make the switch to a natural deodorant and if I’m being totally honest it’s been abit of a journey finding the right one. I did quite abit of research into it all at first and then ended up trying out quite a few different deodorants, each for a decent period of time to allow my body to settle with the change… I didn’t have much luck at all. They either smelt overpoweringly herbal or didn’t last very long and I would need to top up throughout the day alot (which I had never needed to do before trying out a natural one.) After quite a few disappointing experiences I wondered if I would be able to find a natural deodorant that lived up to my deodorant expectations.  Then a few months ago I stumbled upon a fabulous brand called Wild. Since then my journey for switching to natural deodorants has been exactly what I was looking for and because this is such a fabulous natural deodorant I just had to share this product with you all… (Please know that this is NOT a sponsored post I just loved this product so much that it deserves to be reviewed on my blog and shared with you all!) 

About Wild…


Wild is a a natural deodorant brand that are based in London, United Kingdom. Their deodorants are produced in the UK too with as many ingredients as possible sourced from the UK but those that they cannot source come from Europe. The natural deodorants have a unique touch as they are refillable so you can use again and again and again…

Ingredients Used


Wild deodorants are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans too. Because Wild deodorants are natural deodorants they therefore don’t contain any of the nasties found in your standard deodorants which are things like; synthetic chemicals, aluminium, parabens and sulphates. Instead of these Wild use alternative ingredients that help keep you smelling fresh all day long, this is mainly a blend of essential oils, PH levellers, hydrating agents, active naturals and moisturising natural oils. Wild have actually created a page on their website which you can find here that lists all of the ingredients used and they also have a list for what combination of essential oils is used for each scent, so you know exactly what ingredients have been used to formulate your chosen scent. 

Scents Available 

Their range offers a good gender neutral variety of scents and they currently have six fragrances to choose from these are; Rose Blush (floral rose scent), Orange Zest (sweet fruity scent), Coconut Dreams (coconut and vanilla), Mint Fresh (mint and sage), Bergamot Rituals (bergamot and geranium) and Lavender Haze (fresh lavender scent). I have noticed recently that occasionally Wild release a limited edition scent – For example at Halloween they brought out a Toffee Apple scent, so keep your eyes peeled for any new scent releases. I have tried out Rose Blush, Orange Zest, Coconut Dreams and Bergamot Rituals, all of them smelt amazing but my personal favourite is Bergamot Rituals it just smells absolutely divine. 

Packaging And Refills 

Not only does Wild create natural deodorants with wonderful ingredients and have a good range of scents to choose from their packaging has been perfectly designed as it’s a refillable deodorant! The packaging is a very stylish and luxurious looking refillable aluminium case that comes in a variety of different colours. Basically you keep the case forever and jut pop in a new deodorant refill each time you finish the old one. I love that the deodorant is a reusable product and not just a one time single use one. It’s also fabulous as the case is made from durable aluminium but also has post-consumer recycled plastic details. The deodorant refill packaging is 100% plastic free as it has been made from bamboo pulp which is recyclable and home compostable. Each of the refills weighs around 43 grams and with daily use Wild says that they last around 4 weeks (for me they have lasted much longer though!) 

How To Refill


At first putting a refill into the case can be a little tricky but Wild have a very handy video to watch on their website which explains how to set it all up ready for use. It’s much easier to watch someone refilling the product than to just read about it but if you were wondering… The case basically has a twisting mechanism at the bottom, this is what you use to push the deodorant up for more product or to refill the case with a new one you would twist it all the way back clockwise as far as it can go.


The case has buttons on either side that you push inwards as you pull the bottom of the case downwards. You can then fit the new refill ontop of the bottom section of the case making sure that you have just removed the lid and not the actual packaging around the refill and then reinsert it back into the case.


Once the case is all secured on you can then twist the mechanism anti-clockwise to push the new deodorant upwards and then it’s ready to use. 


(all prices are correct from the date that this post was uploaded, prices may of changed since.)

Wild ships worldwide!! and also offers a subscription service so you don’t have to worry about remembering to purchase your deodorant as they will just come through the door to you… very convenient. If you do choose a subscription service you first buy a starter pack which contains one reusable case and a refill scent of choice for £12. Because refills typically last one month then one month later you will be billed for 3 refills (of your choice) for a cost of £15 (£5 per refill.) Then you can choose the frequency at which Wild delivers the deodorant refills to you depending on your deodorant needs – For Example; If one refill lasts you a month then you will be billed every 3 months £15 for your three refills. Postage is completely free to UK customers but International Shipping will cost £2.50. This subscription is a completely flexible service which you can also cancel quickly at any time if you want too and by subscribing it actually will save you a little bit of money because if you brought the refills separately that would cost you £6 per refill. 

If you are interested in trying Wild deodorant out then you can click on my personal Refer A Friend link below to get yourself 20% off your order…


My Experience And Overall Thoughts 

I adore my Wild deodorant! Like I mentioned at the start of this post I had alot of difficulty finding a natural deodorant that lived up to my deodorant expectations and I am so glad that I finally stumbled across this brand. The best thing about Wild deodorant is that it actually works! They must have worked really hard on finding the perfect formula that works so effectively. The scent is very subtle and smells lovely but it isn’t overpowering and it is for sure a long lasting deodorant as I don’t need to top up at all throughout the day… it lasts from the moment I apply it in the morning right to the very end of the day when I go to sleep. I even transitioned my deodorant in the August month so a hot and sunny month and this deodorant worked wonderfully…I didn’t smell at all so I’m extremely impressed by the formula for sure especially as it works in the typically sweatier months. 

I also adore the look of the packaging it’s so stylish and pretty with the metallic cover case, I chose mine in Purple but you can also get it in the shade; Aqua, Coral, Black or Silver. You could easily pop the deodorant in your bag to take with you and nobody would know it was a deodorant as it looks very unique. It’s also feels very high quality and made sturdy so I can imagine will last a very very very long time. Like I already mentioned applying the refills can be abit tricky at first but after a couple of times refilling it up it is simple and easy to do. To use the actual deodorant is really easy and it glides smoothly and evenly across the skin, it does feel soft and moisturising too which is a nice added touch. 

I have no complaints for the formula as in my opinion Wild got it spot on. There is no waiting for it to dry period after application and it leaves no marks on my clothes which is brilliant. It’s quite interesting though as I found out yellow stains that some antiperspirants can leave on clothes is actually caused by the aluminium in the deodorant reacting to the salt in your sweat and because Wild contains no aluminium then that means no dreaded pit stains! I was personally concerned with how long a refill would actually last but it has surprised me as it has lasted me much longer than 4 weeks.. I’d say roughly 6 weeks one refill lasts me and that’s with me applying the product a few times in one go to each armpit once a day.

I personally chose to make the natural deodorant switch because I wanted to reduce the amount of chemicals and unnecessary ingredients that I apply to my skin and I know that sweating is a natural and important function so I didn’t want to use an antiperspirant deodorant anymore. Wild’s alternative natural ingredients really do absorb moisture and keeps pits dry all day long and I can honestly say it is effective at tackling body odour from sweating as all day I smell fresh with this. What more can you want from a natural deodorant?

As you can see I have had a fabulous experience with using Wild deodorant, I think that it’s great value for money and I would highly recommend this brand to anybody looking to make the switch to a natural deodorant. I also like to see if there is something a product can improve on and if I had to choose a con for this deodorant it would be that there is always a little bit of wastage at the end of a refill. Once you can’t twist the deodorant up any further and you remove it to replace it with a new refill there is always a layer of deodorant left in the bottom, although it is a small amount it’s still abit annoying to waste it. But that is literally my only con for this deodorant, I love everything else and think it’s perfect and Wild has quickly become my favourite deodorant. 

I would love to know if you have personally made the switch to a natural deodorant and what your favourite brand is? If not have you been thinking about it… if so I hope this recommendation has been helpful to you. Or maybe you already use Wild deodorant yourself, feel free to share all of your thoughts down below in the comments, I love to hear from you all!

Again if you are interested in trying Wild deodorant out then don’t forget to click on my personal Refer A Friend link below to get yourself 20% off your order…

Love, Charlotte


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