Take A Moment To Pause And Enjoy A Soothing, Mindful Tea Ritual

Evening Lovelies, 

As this is my first post for the new year of 2021 I wanted to write about one of my favourite things… a good cup of tea also known as ‘a hug in a mug.’ As I was sipping my soothing cup of tea I thought I’d love to share a simple post for all of you tea lovers out there to enjoy but, even if you aren’t a tea lover yourself and you are more of a coffee lover you can still enjoy this simple, mindful and comforting ritual.

Every single day my cuppas are what I look forward to… That ‘tea time’ is my oasis of calm where I can take a small break, bring my mind totally to the present moment and savour every single sip of comforting warmth. It’s all to easy in a rush to just pop the kettle on and whiz on with the busy day whilst drinking a cuppa on the go but, I really appreciate and am grateful for those slower tea break moments and that’s what I’m sharing with you all today… how to really appreciate your tea break, savour every sip and be in the moment with just you and your calming cuppa. 

A simple tea ritual can be a wonderful sensory experience, it can also be very beneficial for your mind and can help to soothe, relax and refresh you. When it’s time to make your next delicious cuppa take the time to notice these things…

  • Notice the colour and shape of your chosen mug
  • Listen to the kettle boiling and enjoy the sound of the flowing water when being poured into the mug
  • Appreciate the colour and shape of the tea leaves and closely focus on the colours emerging as the tea infusion begins to develop
  • Deeply inhale the aromas around you that have been released by the tea
  • When it’s time to take that first sip feel the warmth of the tea in your mouth, notice the texture of the tea and be mindful of the flavours that arise and then gently dissolve

After being present and mindful with just you and your cuppa reflect on how you feel afterwards… how has being mindful and present with your tea and taking a break for those precious few moments made you feel in your mind, body and soul? If you loved the experience why not incorporate this simple ritual into all of your ‘tea break’ moments. Love, Charlotte

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