Hydrate Your Skin With These Simple Tips – Especially During This Harsh Winter Weather…

Afternoon Lovelies,

We all know that harsh winter weather can cause damage to our skin because of the cold temperatures and dry air, it can cause your skin to feel dehydrated and in need of some serious hydration. Dehydrated skin will feel tighter, look dull and you may notice that the appearance of fine lines and dark circles under your eyes are more exaggerated too. However, with the right winter skincare routine you can help keep your skin feeling hydrated, soft and supple no matter what the weather and elements throw your way. Please note that I’m not mentioning any specific products in this post as skincare is not a one size fits all approach instead I am going to share a few skincare tips/advice that will hopefully help you…

Opt For A Cleansing Balm – If your a fan of gel and foam cleansers then sorry but I have some bad news for you, those types of cleansers are known to strip the skin of it’s natural oils which can leave you with a sensitive and dry complexion. Everybody knows the importance of cleansing the skin and it’s not a skincare step to be missed so why not opt for a cleansing balm instead. A cleansing balm will remove make-up, cleanse deeply and cleanse any pores too all whilst maintaining the skin’s natural oils.

Give Face Mists A Go – When face mists first came into the skincare world many people viewed them as not having much of a purpose and more like a fancy treat but, today face mists have become more popular and there’s nothing better than giving your face a quick refreshing spritz of goodness to refresh tired looking skin and replenish the skins hydration levels. I personally find that face mists formulated with Rose is the perfect option for hydrating facial skin. So why not give one a try… the most fabulous things about face mists is that you can use them wherever and whenever, perfect for on the go.

Take Care Of Your Delicate Eyes – The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate and keeping the area hydrated is a must so definitely do your research and invest in an eye cream product that will nourish and give the under eye area a much needed hydration boost. Since using an eye cream myself I really have noticed a difference to my under eye complexion so it is worth investing in.

Look Out For Certain Ingredients Like Creams Infused With Calendula And Serums With Hyaluronic Acid – Products infused with Calendula are perfect for dry skin and it’s wonderful at relieving the skin’s tight feeling caused by bitter winds and indoor heating. Calendula oil will help to hydrate the skin and lock in moisture to reduce any dryness. Another great ingredient which will help with dry skin is the well known and much loved Hyaluronic Acid. It is super at retaining moisture but it is best used with other moisturisers too as Hyaluronic Acid alone will not give the levels of hydration the skin needs.

Drink, Drink, Drink and Drink Some More (Water That Is…) – This is probably a tip that you have heard many times before but there’s good reason for that. It’s so important to keep your body topped up with water throughout the whole day, each and every day. Everything in your body depends on optimal hydration and staying hydrated yourself will help to keep your skin hydrated and looking plump and healthy.

A Body Lotion Tip – Body lotions are wonderful for keeping your skin soft and hydrated and they can be applied at any time but one of the best times to apply body lotions is actually directly after showering. This is because your skin has the most moisture when it’s wet and body lotions work the best on already hydrated skin. After a shower water evaporates off your skin quickly and this can leave your skin feeling dry and dehydrated so, remember to quickly lotion up straight after your shower! Trust me it works!

A Handy Skincare Tip For Especially Dry Skin – If you find that your skin is particularly dry at the moment then apply a thick hydrating mask on top of your serum. This will create a barrier and it forces the moisturising ingredients in the serum to deeply replenish the skin.

I would love to know if you have anymore tips to add to this and it would be fabulous if you could share them down below in the comments with others. Like always I love to hear from you all!

Love, Charlotte

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