How To Succeed & Feel Fulfilled…

Afternoon Lovelies, 

This week I wanted to write a short & simple but inspiring piece for you all to read (think of it as an easy read.) Here is 7 ways in which you can live a successful and fulfilling life. Let’s jump straight into it! 

  1. Have Passion – When we observe a person who has passion for their work we naturally feel drawn to them and can’t take our eyes off of them. Passion is contagious so believe in the work that you do.
  2. Make Mistakes – No matter who we are we all make mistakes and making mistakes is how we learn so do not be afraid of them. Mistakes help us to grow and we also become stronger as we come to know our own weaknesses and strengths through them. It would not be as easy to understand ourselves without our mistakes. 
  3. Embrace The Hard Times – Life has it’s ups and downs for us all and although the down moments feel unpleasant they give us opportunities to grow, after all it is in life’s challenges that endurance is built. Difficult times can benefit us in the long term by giving us a greater appreciation for life and for those around us, a deeper sense of self and purpose and more empathy and desire. 
  4. Be Content With All Of Your Achievements No Matter How ‘Small’ – When you finally achieve something that you have wanted for a long time in that moment it seems like you will feel happy forever but naturally waves of other emotions will occur again… that’s just life. So instead of just pinning your happiness on those big achievements remember to live a little, enjoy the moment and acknowledge all of those ‘smaller’ achievements in your day to day life. 
  5. Don’t Be An Attention Seeker & Stop Comparing Yourself To Others – As you go through your life’s journey you will discover and develop your own unique talents and strengths and other people will automatically pay attention to you because of this. So there’s no need to beg for the attention of other people. Another great piece of advice is to stop comparing yourself to others. It is so easily done especially within the world of social media but comparing ourselves to others wastes precious energy as we are focusing on other peoples’ lives instead of our own. It also creates negative feelings of envy, low-self confidence and resentment etc… I am a strong believer that when things are supposed to happen in your own life they will come at just the right time and this is wonderful to remember if you catch yourself starting to compare. I also love these two relevant quotes; “You’re story is unique and so different. It’s not worthy of comparison.” & “Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s there time.” 
  6. Express Gratitude – Overtime and the more we mature the more we end up seeing how others have in ways contributed to our successes… express your gratitude for that as the next success will follow. And expressing your gratitude in general every day can really change your life as gratitude is such a powerful source of inspiration when you simply pause and pay attention to the simplistic beauty around you. 
  7. I’ll finish my how to succeed and feel fulfilled post with this fabulous statement that I once heard, ‘The opposite of greed is not abstinence but it’s knowing how to be content.’

Love, Charlotte

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