Moi-Meme Luxe Subscription Box Winter 2021 – The Simple Pleasures Box

Morning Lovelies, 

I have been extremely excited to share with you all Moi-Meme’s first Luxe Box of 2021! After all of the uncertainty of 2020 it would of been fabulous to of been able to start afresh and launch into that usual New Year cheer and hope for what a great year lies ahead… unfortunately we are still experiencing uncertain times so we all need to be gentle on ourselves. Moi-Meme’s Winter 2021 box of the theme ‘The Simple Pleasures’ has come at the perfect time and they have gotten this season’s box absolutely spot on! Focusing on the little things in life is a wonderful way to give us that much needed boost so here’s what treats are inside…


KATE SPADE 12oz Stainless Steel Tumbler (Either in Jumbo Dot or Forest Feline)  – £19OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow adorable is this travel tumbler mug!! I adore any Kate Spade product so I am delighted to see one in this box and I also adore mugs (if you know me personally you will know I am quite the mug collector), so of course I am in love with this stainless steel tumbler. There are two different designs for this box; you could of either received Jumbo Dot which is silver with big white polka dots or Feline Forest which is cream with a leopard print and pink lid. I got given the Jumbo Dot one which I would of chosen for myself… perfect! I’ve already enjoyed a few hot cuppas in this on my dog walks so far and it’s wonderful. The cup holds 12oz which is the size of a standard takeaway cup and the tumbler has a spill proof lid with a sliding closure (I much prefer plastic lids over silicone ones for travel mugs so this lid is perfect for my liking.)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s BPA, lead and phthalate free. Before I tried this out I was wondering if the mug would get hot as it looked like it might of done but I can 100% tell you that it does not get hot to touch and you can comfortably hold it in your hands the whole time without it feeling hot. Literally the perfect mug for a wintry walk or meet up in the park. 

SCENTERED Aromatherapy Balm (Either in De-Stress or Be Happy) – £15OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI can’t believe this aromatherapy balm has been included… Moi-Meme must have been peeking at my wish list as I’ve had this on there for awhile now wanting to try this exact one out. This is an aromatherapy balm by the brand Scentered and each of their balms contain essential oils blended with Shea Butter and Moringa to provide moisture and nutrients aswell. It’s a solid stick type which you just easily swipe across your pulse points (wrists, neck, temples etc…) and pause for a moment whilst enjoying and inhaling the scent that you have applied to reset and refresh you. You could either of received the balm in De-Stress or Be-Happy. I got given De-Stress which is what I would of chosen for myself 100%. De-Stress is a blend of Chamomile, Neroli and Mandarin which helps to soothe, calm and relax. The Be-Happy one is a blend of Grapefruit, Lemon Myrtle and Spearmint which helps to give a burst of positivity and uplift your mood. I will be taking mine everywhere with me for sure!

MOI-MEME Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser – £25OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was not expecting this in the box at all and I am actually shocked that Moi-Meme have developed this Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser. It’s so amazing! Aroma Diffusers are the perfect way to create an ambience in the comfort of your own home. This one is a USB port so you can plug it into your computer or plug adaptor and enjoy the mist that will fragrance the air around you. I love the modern and sleek design of this diffuser and it even includes an option for LED light function too to really set the perfect aura. The Aroma Diffuser works just like any other one where you fill it up with water, add a few drops of your chosen essential oil, plug it into a USB port and then simply turn on! It’s the perfect little size and looks very travel friendly too which I love. What I love even more is that Moi-Meme are so thoughtful and sweet and have even included a pure essential oil for your diffuser so it’s ready to use straight away…

SANATIO NATURALIS Pure Essential Oil (3 Different Scents Available To Choose From For This Box) – £15/£18OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMoi-Meme are so sweet and thoughtful and have chosen a range of Sanatio Naturalis signature essential oils to go with the new aroma diffuser that we have also received in this box. I love this idea as now the aroma diffuser is all set up straight away without needing to actually purchase any other products. You could of either received the Pure Essential Oil in Lemon, Ylang Ylang or Rosemary. Mine was in Ylang Ylang which suits me and my needs perfectly as it’s a relaxing, sensual and soothing sweet floral scent that will provide emotional balance and relaxation. If you received Lemon it will lift your mood and give you a boost of energy with it’s fruity and citrusy aroma and if you received Rosemary it helps to aid mental clarity, concentration and memory too which it’s herbaceous aroma. All of these are housed in a beautiful gift box and looks like a very luxurious product. 

KATIE LOXTON A5 Notebook (Either in Black or Navy) – £15OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith the start of a new year a new notebook is a must and this A5 notebook by Katie Loxton looks elegant, sleek and simply stunning. The notebook itself contains lined pages with a ribbon marker and is bound in vegan PU leather. You will either receive it in Black with the words ‘Live To Dream’ or in Navy with the words ‘Make Today Magical.’ I got given the Navy one which is the perfect mantra for me. I love this notebook as it’s so soft and superb quality. 

JORGOBE – You will receive either; Niacinamide or Hydrating Glow Serum – £23/£34OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAdding a skincare product to this box is a lovely touch and this one is by the award-winning Danish skincare brand Jorgobe. Two serums were chosen for this box… I got given the Hydrating Glow Serum which retails for £34 and is the one that I would of picked for myself. The Hydrating Glow Serum has a unique nutrient-rich combination of botanical oils and includes essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins too. It’s a lightweight and quickly absorbing formula and most ideal for normal to dry skin types. The serum claims to overall improve skin’s elasticity and protect against premature ageing too whilst also giving you a nourished and radiant complexion. The other serum you could of received instead is the Niacinamide Serum which suits all skin types but is especially good for inflamed, damaged or pigmented skin. It’s a highly concentrated serum which recreates the natural balance of the skin. It evens out skin tone, reduces pigmentation and smooths the skin’s structure too. This one retails for £23. Both look fabulous but I am thrilled with the Hydrating Glow Serum for myself.  

Overall, this box is again up there as one of my favourites. I know I say it every time ‘This box is easily my favourite that Moi-Meme have created’ but I really am again so in love with this box. It’s theme and products included are spot on (like usual) and there is so much variety in this box. I am really struggling to choose a favourite product but I adore the Kate Spade Tumbler, Scentered Aromatherapy Balm and Aroma Diffuser Set. I am blown away again by this seasons box of treats and I am a HUGE fan of Moi-Meme and I would highly recommend checking them out too if you also loved this box. The total worth of this box came to £126!!!

A Little Bit More Information… Moi-Meme include products from unique brands and every box they dispatch has a lovely variety of items included. They are slightly different from other subscription boxes as they offer an exchange option for products that have different choices (eg: Colour, design, fragrance etc…) so if your not happy with the item they picked out for you, you can get your hands on the one you wanted instead. Which is a great addition to a subscription box!

If you love the contents of this box and their previous boxes I highly recommend subscribing to them, their boxes are always worth the money. The Moi Meme Luxe box (quarterly box) retails for £54.95 and with every box you always get roughly double the amount you paid for. Or you could opt for their Moi-Meme Monthly box which retails for £22.95. Or perhaps you’ll treat yourself to both!

If you are thinking about subscribing to Moi-Meme or want to try out a box then I have a personal code that will give you £5 off your first box!BEYOUCHAR5-2

Please Note – This is NOT a sponsored post I buy these boxes with my own money as I fell in love with the box itself. Moi-Meme have given me the chance to give my lovely readers £5 off a first box with this personal code if your interested in subscribing yourself.

Love, Charlotte


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