Self Care On A Budget

Afternoon Lovelies,

I am a huge believer of the mantra ‘treat yourself’ and I am all for treating yourself to those wellbeing luxuries like a yoga retreat on an island somewhere beautiful or a £50 full body massage… as much as these wellbeing treats are beneficial for your wellbeing they aren’t so much for your bank balance. Sometimes looking after your wellbeing can seem like an expensive habit but of course it doesn’t have to be so I have put together a list of ideas for how to give yourself that precious ‘me time’ on a budget!

  • Listen to relaxing music and focus on yourself. Focus on your breath and then shift your focus on a scan of your body… take some time to really look at the different areas of your body and really acknowledge/listen to how each part feels. You will probably find yourself surprised by the little time that you usually give all areas of your body a thought.
  • Watch a video or listen to a podcast on a topic of your interest. When you take some time out to learn something new it’s refreshing from the usual daily rushing around. 
  • Light some candles and journal. Create a small space in your home where you can light up some candles. In the morning when you wake up or in the evening as you wind down from the day go to that designated space and light the candles. Then sit by the warm glow for a few moments and take this time to write in your journal. Just let the words flow out of you and onto the page in front of you. Journal about anything you want to…
  • Have a DIY spa session. Why not treat yourself to a homemade natural face mask. There are loads of fabulous DIY face mask ‘recipes’ to choose from online but one of my favourite ones to make is a honey and banana one… it’s incredibly moisturising and nourishing. Just mix together a few tablespoons of plain yoghurt, two tablespoons of honey and one banana. 
  • Create a sanctuary in your bathroom. Light some candles and play some soft music that relaxes you, then add your favourite bath product to a warm bath and just let your worries wash away as you enjoy a nice long relaxing soak. After your therapeutic bath soak why not treat yourself further and finish off with applying a nourishing body oil to your skin.
  • Read a self help or inspiring/motivational book. Turn to a random page of your chosen book and pick a quote or paragraph by chance. Then read it to yourself and really take the message in.
  • Have gratitude. Make a list of what you are grateful for and really let those feelings of gratitude and warmth fill your body and mind.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these ideas for self care on a budget. If you have any more ideas to add yourself then I would love for you to share them down in the comments below. Thank you!

Love, Charlotte

11 thoughts on “Self Care On A Budget

  1. Love this! Spending a few minutes to practice some gratitude costs nothing (but your time), and makes you feel a whole lot better! Feel like sometimes we forget self care isn’t all about expensive face masks and bubble baths!

    Katie |

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    1. Thank you for your comment and it’s lovely to hear that you enjoyed the post.
      Very well said for gratitude costing nothing except some time and making you feel much better… I agree! Thank you so much taking the time to read Katie Xx


  2. You’re so right, self care doesn’t have to be extravagant. Self care can be just about stimulating our senses, so for me that’s lighting a scented candle, having a hot bath, listening to my favourite music and using some lotion. Thanks for sharing your ideas 🤍

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