How To Achieve Frizz Free Hair With These 8 Simple Tips

Evening Lovelies, 

I’ve put together 8 simple tips that will help you to achieve sleek and glossy hair whilst combating that unwanted frizz. 

  1. Switch Up Your Shampoo & Conditioner – Consider swapping your usual shampoo and conditioner for a sulfate-free one if you haven’t done already. Sulfate-free hair products help to maintain the natural oils on the scalp and hair which leaves your hair with more moisture and in turn helps to prevent frizz. A simple tip but very effective.
  2. Be Gentle After Washing Your Hair – NEVER rub a towel aggressively against your hair to dry it, not only will this really damage your hair but it can cause major frizz! Instead be gentle on your wet hair, a great way to dry your hair is with a towel turban this will help to prevent friction frizz. 
  3. Use A Styling Serum – Find a good styling serum that is intended for frizzy or difficult to manage hair, it will help to smooth and condition your locks leaving it feeling overall silky smooth and frizz-free.
  4. Opt For A Light Leave-In Spray – If you find that oils are too heavy for your hair then why not try out a light leave-in spray, you can find one that is specifically aimed to de-frizz hair too. The leave-in spray will also provide daily protection for fighting against the effects of external aggressors and styling damage aswell. Perfect!
  5. Attach A Diffuser To Your Hair Dryer – When blow drying your hair a normal hair dryer can toss your hair around which causes unwanted frizz and friction but if you attach a diffuser to the nozzle and scrunch up your hair from tip to root it helps to dry your hair without so much movement. This works great and can really help to reduce frizz. 
  6. Treat Your Locks To A Luxurious Hair Mask – I think one of the most essential parts in a haircare routine is applying a luxurious hair mask weekly. Not only will the luxurious hair mask infuse your hair with much needed beneficial ingredients but the treatment will also penetrate the hair to fight frizz. A good hair mask will leave your hair more manageable, healthier, stronger, glossier and well nourished. Look for ingredients like Coconut Oil or Argan Oil as they can do wonders for your hair. 
  7. Got Trouble With Frizzy Flyaways? – After your hair is dried and styled you may still have a few frizzy flyaways but these can easily be tamed with a clean mascara wand or toothbrush and some alchohol-free hairspray. The tiny and close bristles will help set the hair into place and the hairspray will hold it securely. 
  8. Waking Up To Morning Frizz? – If you notice that you wake up with frizzy and unmanageable hair in the mornings then reduce that friction frizz by swapping your regular cotton pillowcase with a silk one instead. The slippery silk fabric will allow your hair cuticles to glide across the pillowcase instead of getting snagged by it like it would from a cotton one. You’ll wake up with smooth and frizz free hair for sure. 

I hope that these tips will help you to combat unwanted frizz and if you have any other tips to add then feel free to include them in the comments below… I love hearing all of your thoughts and opinions!


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