7 Ways To Change Your Mindset And Grow Optimism

Morning Lovelies, 

Sometimes it can feel as though you are the only one who is finding it difficult to be in high spirits but the truth is happiness is something that we all have to work at continually. I’m hoping that these 7 easy practices below will help you to change your mindset and grow optimism whilst impacting your wellbeing overall in a positive way.

  1. Smile – We tend to smile when we are happy but have you ever tried smiling when you are feeling other emotions aswell? When you smile your mood usually brightens so why not have a go at smiling daily but not just when you are happy during other moments too. See if this boots your mood in a positive way. 
  2. Acknowledge Those Sad And Unhappy Moments – It’s always healing to allow your body to feel the emotions that it needs to feel, it allows release of the emotions inside of you. You never have to plaster on a smile if you are feeling really unhappy and low so make sure you give yourself some time and space to allow yourself to feel sad as well as glad.  
  3. Have Gratitude Incorporating a daily gratitude practice into your life can do wonders for your wellbeing, it can really improve your mood and even your immune system too. Focusing on what you are grateful for each day no matter how big or small is a wonderful way to grow in happiness and optimism. 
  4. Breathe Deeply – Breathing deeply is a powerful tool as it can really improve how you feel. There are many experts that will agree that deep breathing can make a significant difference to our feelings and mood. 
  5. Exercise And Sleep Well – As we all know the mind and body are connected so ensuring that you have a good exercise and sleep routine daily will have a hugely positive effect on your overall wellbeing and mood. When you exercise you release feel-good hormones and when you get enough rest/sleep it boosts your mood and sets you up for the day ahead… make good exercise and sleep a priority.
  6. Eat Mindfully – When you are preparing your meals think about which foods really fill you up with energy and enthusiasm. Try to include these daily into your meals to eat with happiness in mind. 
  7.  Compliment More – Give at least one compliment a day to somebody. When you focus on making others happy it will in turn make you happy too. Give it a go and see how you feel afterwards.  

I hope that you find these tips helpful for changing your mindset and growing in optimism. Like always I love to hear from you all so if you have any other tips that you would like to share which are relevant to this post then feel free to comment them down below. I love hearing all of your thoughts and opinions!



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