How To Deal With Toxic People…

Morning Lovelies, 

I personally think that at some point in all of our lives we will come across somebody who is ‘toxic’. By ‘toxic’ I mean someone who drains your energy, makes you feel overall low and upset and affects your own wellbeing in a negative way… perhaps you can relate to this right now. But don’t despair as I am sharing with you 3 simple techniques that will help you to reclaim your power!

  1. Be Assertive Without Being Aggressive Or Angry – Quietly but firmly say what you need to say to the other person, if you are challenged then remain focused on the main point that you are making and don’t take part in any unnecessary ‘mud-slinging’ (toxic people may try to mock or belittle you but even if you feel angry or sad it’s important to remember to remain calm.) Don’t accept their judgments of you, always focus on the point that you are making and remember to take your time. Assertiveness is a skill and takes practice so if you need to observe people who are good at it first then that could really help you know where to begin. 
  2. Set Boundaries – Setting boundaries is a great way to be clear about your own limits and once your boundaries are set make sure that you stick to them. When you set boundaries your responsibility is to yourself… a wonderful statement that I once heard which has stuck with me is ‘If you don’t respect your needs, others won’t’ so respecting your own limits is a must! It’s also important to be aware that when people are used to getting their own way they won’t be happy if you suddenly say no. They may become angry with you for standing firm but you need to use the right wording like using a neutral response such as; “I am sorry that you’re feeling angry with me” as it’s different to “I am sorry that I made you angry.” Using the right wording/response is key because you didn’t make them angry, they chose to be angry. So set your limits and how they respond is up to them. 
  3. Be In Charge Of Your Own Choices And Situation – If the toxic person in your life is firing off in every direction you may naturally feel the need to calm or please them but DON’T! Move away from the situation and focus on something that is more productive. Before you move away excuse yourself with an impartial parting comment like “Sorry you feel this way but I’ve got to go, I’m running late.” You have then taken control in that situation, minimised contact and most importantly not engaged in the battle and not allowed yourself to be a victim. 

I really hope that you find these simple techniques helpful and useful in some way. If you have anymore suggestions or ideas on ‘How to deal with toxic people’ then feel free to share them in the comments below as I am sure they will be helpful to others who stumble upon this. Like always I would love to hear all of your thoughts and opinions on this post! 


12 thoughts on “How To Deal With Toxic People…

    1. Thank you Ella for your comment and I fully agree with you, it isn’t always possible to just avoid toxic people and like you said finding other ways to protect our energy is important. Thank you so much for taking the time to read Xx


      1. Needed this, brilliant timing. What’s important is not to react to their anger. Love and respect is what i sent out and of course as you rightly said create those boundaries.

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      2. I 100% agree with you, so important to remain calm and not react back. I hope this has helped you if it came at ‘brilliant timing’ for you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read Alice Xx


    1. Thank you for feeling able to share that but so sorry to hear that you had a tough day with someone being ‘toxic.’ You may feel as though it can be hard to stand up for yourself but with time and practice it will become much easier ☺️ I would recommend finding some confidence tips on standing up for yourself first and slowly incorporating them into your life. See what happens 😊 Sending good wishes your way lovely and thank you for checking out! Xx

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  1. Fab post ☺️ I had to actually move away from a toxic friend because I was always exhausted after being with her. I also had to completely cut off from a family member because they made me feel awful and made the most unbelievably nasty accusations against me and stood by them even when I proved them wrong.
    Toxic people are very much a real thing and in the case of self preservation I have had to walk away from them.
    Thank you for the tips 💛

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    1. Thank you for being so open and sharing your experiences with ‘toxic people’ here. I don’t blame you for walking away from those people, sometimes the best thing you can do is remove those types of people from your life so they don’t weigh you down anymore. I am sure you feel much more happier and positive now 😊
      Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read Xx

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      1. I really do feel so much more free now 💛. I couldn’t see it with the friend until it was pointed out to me then I realized how drained I was getting.

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      2. Sometimes when your in the midst of it all it can be very hard to see the damage/problem so that’s great that someone supported you and gave you that awareness. It’s also so wonderful to hear that you feel more free now!! Xx

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