How To Age Gracefully And Naturally… 6 Natural Anti-Aging Tips

Afternoon Lovelies, 

Alot of us are obsessed with ageing and even to the point of ‘going under the knife’ for cosmetic/beauty. When I was thinking about a beauty post to write today I realised that in my 4 years of blogging I have never written an anti-aging post before and considering anti-aging is a highly spoken about topic then of course I needed to write one (so today’s the day!) There are so many anti-aging products and treatments out there on the market nowadays that it’s hard to know where to start so to make it more simple I have put together 6 natural anti-aging tips that anyone can start incorporating into their routine right now. The tips should help you to age with grace whilst looking and feeling vibrant and fabulous! Before I share my natural tips I wanted to include something relevant that I once heard someone saying that they believe ‘that the kind of person you are will show on your face as you age, so be kind’… and I couldn’t agree with them more, wise words!

So get comfy and take note of these simple, natural anti-aging tips…


  • Pamper Your Hands As They Show Your Age Give your hands some attention with lots of regular TLC. It’s a known fact that by just looking at a persons hands you can roughly tell that persons age. Your hands will definitely benefit from regular massages and a good beneficial oil blend… you can make your own hand oil by using 10ml of Avocado Oil, add a few drops of Carrot Oil, Jojoba and Geranium and then blend together with a Vitamin E capsule. 
  • Use Oils For Your Skin And Hair – There are so many wonderful and effective anti-aging ingredients out there but some of my favourite ones are natural oils like Raw Coconut and Essential Oils. They are easily absorbed, can help to balance the production of Sebum and also rehydrate the skin. (Remember to NEVER use undiluted essential oils on your skin, ALWAYS dilute them before applying.)
  • Ensure That You Are Getting Enough Important Vitamins And Minerals – If your not already why not try taking a natural vitamin supplement to ensure that you are getting the recommended daily dose of those all important Vitamins that we need. Remember your Omega 3 levels too, beware of Vitamin D deficiency and for anti-aging in skincare look out for Hyaluronic Acid (it’s a very important ingredient!)  
  • Eat Well To Boost Immunity (Following on from the above tip because this also covers vitamins etc…) Ensure that you eat a rainbow of foods daily and the best diet that I have ever come across is the JERF diet, this stands for Just Eat Real Food. For all you choccie lovers out there Raw Cacao is high in antioxidants so opt for that where possible. There are so many fabulous anti-aging foods out there but far too many to list here so why not spend abit of time researching yourself and see what you find. 
  • Keep Fit And Boost Your Energy Levels – I personally am not a gym bunny and if you feel the same way don’t worry as you don’t have to only just go to the gym to stay active, the trick is to find something that you love. I really enjoy dance workouts and dog walking and both of these are forms of exercise that I keep doing because I enjoy them. So find something that you love, this will boost your energy levels and give your body important exercise and did you know that keeping fit also makes you feel happier. Win, win!
  • The Most Important Tip… Choose Happiness – The best natural anti-aging tip that I can share with you all is honestly a warm smile. When you see someone who is genuinely happy in their own skin they give off a certain energy that is attractive and youthful. So take care of your own happiness levels and make sure to schedule in something that makes you happy daily and actually do it!

I would love to know if you have any other tips to add for ageing gracefully and naturally, feel free to comment below any tips that are relevant to this post. I love to hear from you all so leave all of your suggestions, thoughts and opinions!


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