Feeling Worried/Anxious? Why Not Try Some Mind Gardening…

Afternoon Lovelies,

I came across a fabulous idea recently that I just had to share here on my blog as it was so fascinating. It’s about treating your mind like a garden when you have worrying/anxious thoughts. If you have personally been dealing with worries/anxiety recently then I would highly recommend giving this idea a go. Mind Gardening is based on the idea that we can tend our minds like we tend a garden, doing this can help us to regain control of our minds and restore balance. When we acknowledge our worries and anxiety it’s the first step to help us to begin nurturing a happier and more peaceful space within ourselves and mind gardening can help to take this one step further. Below are 3 steps that will help you understand mind gardening and how to do it…

  1. Weeding Out Thoughts – The first step to mind gardening is ‘weeding out’ those anxious and worried thoughts from your mind…you need to acknowledge all of your anxious/worried thoughts and then release them from your mind. You can use a visualisation technique if you find it easier, for example; In your mind’s eye visualise the anxious/worried thoughts and feelings and then see them visually move out of your body. Take your time acknowledging them and then releasing them one by one. Once you have weeded out those negative and unfulfilling thoughts it creates space.  
  2. Cultivating The Ground – This next step is very important in mind gardening so you don’t want to rush this part. This is the moment when you need to learn to love and accept yourself exactly as you are… give yourself as much time as you need for this. Embrace all of your ‘imperfections’ and remind yourself that you are on a journey of growth. To love and accept yourself a great starting point is to focus on your positive qualities and use positive self-talk; look at yourself in the mirror each day and say out loud to your reflection what 3 qualities you love most about yourself and remember to acknowledge both your inside and outside beauty!
  3. Planting Positive Seeds – The last stage of mind gardening involves planting seeds of positivity. You’ve already created space from weeding out those negative thoughts and then you prepared the space with self-love and acceptance, now it’s time to use the space for positivity. Affirmations are wonderful for planting positive seeds. Each positive affirmation is like a tiny seed and when you repeat them often and with meaning you will be watering them and they will grow and bloom. The affirmations will turn into caring and uplifting thoughts that bring positivity to your life. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about Mind Gardening just as much as I loved sharing this idea with you all. I would love to know if you have ever heard of this before, if so did you try it out and did it work for you? Like always I love to hear from you all so feel free to share your thoughts and opinions down in the comments below.


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