3 Simple Ways To Regulate Your Melatonin Levels To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Afternoon Lovelies,  

The hormone Melatonin plays a big role in our sleeping and waking cycles and it’s production is actually controlled by exposure to light. In the evening as it starts getting dark and we are exposed to less light our Melatonin rises to assist us in feeling tired, which supports us with falling asleep. Opposite to this is in the morning when we wake up, exposure to light shuts down the Melatonin production so we stop feeling sleepy and we get out of bed. People with a Melatonin deficiency will often struggle to feel sleepy enough to wind down and actually get to sleep. Our modern living, diet and low levels of some nutrients can all influence our production of Melatonin when we need it. So if your struggling with getting a good night’s sleep then here are 3 simple ways that will help you to regulate your Melatonin levels naturally so you can get that much needed good night’s sleep and feel refreshed throughout the day again. 

  1. Reduce Stress Before You Sleep / Have A Wind Down Routine – It’s a well known fact that the first third of our sleep is the most restorative, so to best support this time I recommend de-stressing before you sleep. It can really help to have a set wind down routine each night that you do before bedtime. I like to turn down any bright lights and keep to soft dim lighting, limit my social interaction (like talking on the phone, scrolling through social media, writing emails) as that can keep you awake, relax in a warm/soothing bath some nights, read a relaxing book, do some calming/light meditation, journal at the end of the day to release any thoughts and feelings, drink a Chamomile tea before sleep to lower stress levels and apply to my pulse points a relaxing essential oil balm that is specifically for sleep. A wind down sleep routine is not one size fits all and what works for me might not work for you… so make sure you find your own ways and ideas that calm and relax you before sleep. 
  2. Cut Out Blue Light – Lights of any kind affects the rise of Melatonin but blue light according to research has the most negative impact and blue light is emitted from the screens of devices. So to protect yourself from this you can either avoid using those devices before bed or you can wear some blue light blocking glasses whilst you still use them. I recommend wearing blue light blocking glasses from around 7pm anytime that you go on a device… even if it’s just for a quick 5 minute scroll. I love my blue light glasses and I really do feel that they have made a real difference to my sleep. 
  3. Increase Your Exposure To Natural Light – If you are really struggling with sleep then experts suggest trying to change your own body clock to fit better with natural circadian rhythms of rising with the light and going to bed earlier. Buy some blackout blinds to keep any streetlight out of your bedroom during the night and when your alarm goes off in the morning straight away open up the curtains to allow light to flood into the room to help wake you up. Some people during the darker winter months invest in special lamps that mimic dawn light and progression to daylight because of this. Also in the day get as much natural light as possible as this will help you to feel more alert during the day and then when it gets darker your body will be more in sync with it’s natural circadian rhythm and will get more sleepy in the evening. 

I love hearing from you all so would love to know all of your thoughts and opinions on this post and, if you have any other relevant tips then please feel free to share them below in the comments. I really hope that you have found out something useful from my post today and I hope these tips help you to get a good night’s sleep… something that we all could do with. 


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