4 Ways To Live More Simply

Morning Lovelies,

We can be very good at complicating our lives… so often we take a simple problem and manage to complicate it so much more than is necessary and healthy. For this weeks post I’ve put together 4 ways in which you can live more simply so life doesn’t have to feel as complicated. 

  1. Stop Worrying About Things That Haven’t Happened Yet – This is what I call catastrophising and it’s a very powerful self-sabotaging tactic. Our minds are extremely powerful and if you find yourself worrying often about things that haven’t happened yet the good news is that you can change this and instead in your mind create a more favourable outcome. Imagine how you would feel if you stopped allowing your mind to create the worst possible outcome and instead you thought about the best possible outcome and trusted the process… sounds good right? How much simpler would your life be? How much calmer would you be? When you stop worrying about things that haven’t happened yet it simplifies the journey of life and thinking of the best possible outcome leaves space for possibility. Speaking honestly to you all this is something that I am personally working on for myself as I have been known to catastrophize, I want to add that it takes alot of time and effort to change those worrying thoughts but trust me it is definitely worth it!
  2. Simplify Your Surroundings – Have a de-clutter of your material things to simplify your surroundings. Don’t de-clutter your space in one go as this can be stressful and can be overwhelming too instead, why not tackle it over a month. On the first day of the month just get rid of one item, then on the second day of the month get rid of two items, then on the third day get rid of three items and so on… When I say ‘get rid of’ only throw the items away if they are not worth anything to anyone otherwise part with them mindfully. 
  3. Have A Digital Detox – You’ve probably heard this many times before but I had to include this as it really does simplify life… have a digital detox. Cut down on the amount of TV that you watch, the time you spend scrolling on your phone, cut down on the amount of people that you follow on your social media etc… Create boundaries as to when you will check emails and how much time you spend on your digital devices in general. It’s a really good idea to create some digital-free zones in your home too particularly if you are now living and working in your home due to the global pandemic. And remember daily to really stick to the rules and boundaries that you put in place. 
  4. Start Living In Harmony With The Seasons – Honouring and connecting to the seasons has really helped me to simplify my own life and it helps to learn about my own rhythms and cycles too, so why not give it a go for yourself. When we connect to nature we start to understand that at different times of the year different energy is available to us. And if you are a woman then you will most likely already know that our menstrual cycle also dictates to us when we have more energy and when we have less. Listen to this inner wisdom as it will really help to align your authentic needs and not those needs that society puts on us. 

I really hope that you find these suggestions useful for simplifying your life, if you have any other suggestions that are relevant to this topic then I would love to hear them all so pop them down in the comments below. And like always I love hearing all of your thoughts and opinions on the post too so share them down in the comments aswell.  


2 thoughts on “4 Ways To Live More Simply

  1. Stop worrying about things that haven’t happened yet is such a good one. I’m terrible for thinking of every single possible thing that could go wrong and most the time none of them even happen and I have panicked for no reason. It just adds unecessary stress. I definitely need to start taking things as they come and only think about the negative outcomes when they ACTUALLY happen!

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