Ritualise Your Skincare Routine – A Quick Read

Morning Lovelies, 

This week’s post is one of the shortest and most simplest that I’ve ever written. I’ve been quite busy recently but still wanted to write a post for you all so I thought I’d stop by and write a simple yet really effective one today. If you are a regular reader of mine then you will know that I love rituals and routine so I thought I would share with you all today an idea that will help you to ritualise your skincare routine… hope you love it!

Creating a ritual out of your skincare routine gives you that much needed TLC time and can also really help make it a more enjoyable process. In the evening when you pop into the shower after a long and busy day try taking a more mindful shower, mentally wash away the worries and stresses of the day as the water washes over you. As the water runs over your body think of it cleansing each and every part and washing away anything that is heavy and bothering you. After your shower and before applying any skincare products place your hands on your face and breathe deeply and slowly five times, this mentally closes the day and will help to release any left over tension. Now start applying your chosen products do this slowly, stay present and think of it as a way of taking care of yourself in a loving way. Look in the mirror and say ‘thank you’ to yourself afterwards and then go and pop the kettle on to treat yourself further with a warm and delicious cuppa.

A little extra to add; You can enhance your skincare ritual experience more by ‘setting the scene’ and including candles and calming background music if you wish. 

Like I mentioned before this is the shortest post that I’ve ever written but even in the busyness I still wanted to find some time to create a post for you all this week. I really hope you found this an interesting and simple read and I would love to know if you already have a ritual for your skincare routine, if you do share it down below in the comments and if you don’t just yet let me know if this interests you. Like always I love hearing from you all so leave all of your thoughts and opinions down below. 


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