Heal Your Energy And Raise Your Vibe At Home With These 3 Ideas…

Morning Lovelies, 

Many of us will face imbalances at some point in our lives whether physical, mental or energetic. Often energetic imbalances are not addressed in conventional medicine and energetic imbalances can lead to blockages or lack of flow through our bodies systems. Luckily there are many different types of therapies for energy healing and these all aim to restore harmony within the body’s natural energy fields, you can even seek help from a professional energy healer if you wish. Just like we look after our body daily and practise self-care we should be doing the same for our energy. If you are new to energy healing then it can sometimes be difficult to comprehend the process and results but, keeping an open mind and heart and being curious for your journey will help before you experience the powers of energetic healing.

In my post today I want to share with you all 3 simple ideas that you can do in the comfort of your own home to cleanse your energy. There are obviously more ideas out there that will help to cleanse your energy so if you are interested definitely do some relevant research but, I have chosen to share with you my most favourite ones.  

  • Try Meditation pexels-elina-fairytale-3822621 When we feel stressed, anxious, lost or low guided meditations can help to replenish and restore our energy. There are so many free guided meditations online that are designed to heal the body, mind and soul through sound and visualisations. I’ve personally been including daily meditation into my day to day routine for a good few years now and I can honestly say that I think it has magical healing powers… it’s been incredible for me and I would highly recommend for you to give meditation a go and see how it benefits you. My personal favourite is the well-loved app Headspace but I also enjoy listening to various meditations on YouTube too.  


  • Smudge Your Space Smudging sustainably sourced sage or any other sacred healing herb or wood can help to clear negativity from your energetic space and even your home. You can do this by lighting your chosen sticks, letting it smoke and then using the smoke to smudge each room and yourself starting at the crown of your head. 


  • Soak In A Salt-Water Bath pexels-monstera-6620948 If you’ve ever soaked in a warming bath then you will know how relaxing and transformational bathing can be. Next time you soak in your bath add some food-grade Epsom Salts to the warm water, this can help to detoxify the body and banish any negativity. As you rest in your soothing bath set an intention on what you are releasing and feel your body start to relax and release all of the stagnant energy. 

I really hope you enjoyed this energy healing post and hopefully you are interested in trying out some of these ideas. I would love to know all of your own thoughts on energy healing… Have you ever experienced it before yourself? Are your really curious about it? Like always feel free to leave all of your thoughts and opinions of this post down in the comments below as I love hearing from you all! 


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