How To Use Essential Oils

Afternoon Lovelies, 

Like many I love essential oils! Natural extracts from the leaves, flowers and stems of plants that offer a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic properties are wonderful to try out if you haven’t before. Essential oils really feel like magic to me and I use them daily, I couldn’t be without them. I wanted to share with you this week ways that you can use essential oils safely. 

Important Safety Note – Never ingest plant essential oils or apply to the skin undiluted. Check with your doctor before using if you are; pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications or have any health concerns. Avoid using on sensitive skin areas such as the eyes, ears and mouth and do not apply to broken, inflamed or irritated skin. Also if you have pets then do your research on which essential oils are safe and non toxic to them as some can be dangerous for our furry friends. Remember to always use caution when using essential oils. 

INHALE | The most common way to use essential oils is to inhale them as it is the quickest way to absorb them and obviously because they smell divine. Many opt to apply a few drops to a cloth and take deep breaths or for an even more simpler way open a bottle of pure essential oil and inhale deeply a few times. (Never let the undiluted oil touch your skin though!) It’s important to remember not to breathe in essential oils for longer than one hour at a time. 

DIFFUSE | Diffusers work by breaking essential oils down into smaller molecules and dispersing them into the air to help bring a calming atmosphere to the room. They can also help you to breathe better if you use essential oils like Eucalyptus which will help to treat colds and respiratory problems. 

ON YOUR SKIN | Always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil when applying to your skin. You can use essential oils during a massage to release any muscular pain, tightness and tension. And you can also use in a rollerball or therapy balm form so that you can have your favourite combination on hand, anywhere on the go… Apply this type to your pressure points; temples, wrists & third eye.

IN A BATH OR SHOWER | Essential oils like Chamomile, Lavender and Frankincense are known to help unwind you at the end of the day and these are some of my go to essential oils when I’m enjoying an evening bath or shower. If using essential oils in the bath make sure you dilute a few drops of essential oils with a carrier oil before adding it to your bathwater. If you want to use essential oils while you shower then add a few drops to the shower walls and inhale deeply as you wash.

I hope that you find this useful when delving into the world of essential oils and finding out how your favourite way to use them is. I’m curious and interested to know what your favourite essential oil is and why, you can share this in the comments below. Like always I would love for you to share your thoughts and opinions on this post too as I love hearing from you all!



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