Why So Serious? 6 Ways To See The Lighter Side Of Life

Afternoon Lovelies, 

If you love inspirational quotes as much as me then you will most likely of come across this well known one before… ‘Dance like no one’s watching.’ Although to some this may sound a bit cheesy I think that it’s advice worth taking. The feeling of moving your whole body around to a beat and letting go completely is totally freeing and joy-inducing. But nowadays many of us take ourselves too seriously (myself included at times), we are weighed down by never ending to-do lists, having a rigid routine or a fear of looking silly especially when everyone on social media appears so ‘put together.’ The idea of letting go may seem a bit alien to us however it’s so important to embrace the fun in life and to take a lighter approach to things. When we allow ourselves to do this we are in a much less stressful place and this means that we can think more clearly and let our creative spirit shine. So if you’re after a few ideas on how to embrace the joy around you and see the lighter side of life then you’ve come to the right place as I’m going to share with you below some ways that you can do this.

Relevant Quote – ‘Life Is Brighter On The Lighter Side’ 

  1. LAUGH MORE – Of course I had to start with the most obvious one, laughing. Laughter is such a wonderful natural antidote to being bogged down with stress and low moods. So surround yourself daily with people who you have fun with or who make you laugh and be that for them too. Why not also enjoy a night out at a comedy show or a night in watching a laugh out loud movie. You’ll soon see that laughing daily will help you to see the lighter side of life. 
  2. DON’T DWELL ON THINGS – In life things go wrong and when they do just learn from those moments and move on. Try to avoid ruminating about how things could have been better or different. Being able to reframe a harmless but embarrassing moment in a funny way or to be able to laugh something off can act as an emotional filter by preventing spiralling, over thinking, negative thoughts. 
  3. BE A CHILD AGAIN – When you are around young children have you noticed their carefree joy? Watching them giggle and play with no reservation is definitely a lesson in how to look at the lighter side of life. Try to remember how you used to feel as a child yourself and give yourself time as an adult to revisit those carefree and joyous feelings after all, being a big child at heart will help you to not lose the wonder of life.
  4. TRY SOMETHING NEW – As we get older we often get less adventurous but trying something new can be the perfect way to reconnect with your sense of fun. Write a list of the things that you would love to do but have never had the courage to and start to actually do them. Do whatever it is that makes your heart happy… after all you only live once!
  5. BE SPONTANEOUS – When there is a lot going on in your life it can be hard to think outside of your structured routine but try to make an exception every once in a while to shake things up a little. Don’t be so defined by timetables and try to say ‘yes’ more often.
  6. PRACTICE GRATITUDE – Being thankful daily can really help you to focus on the things that bring you happiness. Everyday why not write down three things that you are grateful for. Remember the things that make you smile and laugh and that remind you of the simple pleasures in life, no matter how small they may seem.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope that you find some of these ideas useful. If you have any other ideas that are relevant to this post then please feel free to share these with others down in the comments below as there can never be enough tips/ideas for seeing the lighter side of life. Like always I would love for you to share all of your thoughts and opinions on this post too as I love hearing from you all!

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