Moi-Meme Autumn 2021 Luxe Box – The Senses Box

Afternoon Lovelies,

I’m really excited to share with you this week my Moi-Meme Autumn 2021 Luxe Box review. For this season Moi-Meme are embracing everything that Autumn has to offer so they have chosen the theme ‘The Senses Box.’ The products inside this box have been chosen to help encourage rest and to savour the feels, fragrances, sights, sounds and tastes of the Autumn season. Here’s the goodies inside…


STEPHIE ANN Cashmere Mix Bed Socks – £23OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese bed socks come in a range of colours so you may either receive them in; Blue, Dusky Pink or Cream… as you can see from the photo I got given these socks in Dusky Pink which I love. Surprisingly they aren’t the softest bed socks that I own but they do feel like good quality ones. They are made from 30% Cashmere and 35% Wool along with Viscose and Nylon too. I’m looking forward to wearing these socks on a cold and frosty night to keep my toes toasty and warm. 

LONDON BOTANICAL LABORATORIES Day And Night Creams – £79/£89OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor this product Moi-Meme have chosen three different moisturisers from the London Botanical Laboratories range so you could either receive; Vitamin C + CBD Day Cream (Brightening), Hyaluronic Acid + CBD Day Cream (Hydrating) or Bakuchiol + CBD Night Cream (Anti-Ageing.) I got given the Bakuchiol Night Cream which I am very happy with and it comes in the size of 50ml. Receiving this night cream in the box when the price of it normally retails for £79 is incredible and I can’t wait to treat my skin to this luxurious cream. 

RIVER BIRCH 8oz Candle – £12OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you know me then you will know I have a slight obsession with candles… I love them! And this time of year is the perfect time to put a cosy candle on in the evenings to add a soft and warm glow to the home. So you can imagine how ‘over the moon’ I was to see one included in this box. These candles are 100% Soy Wax, naturally fragranced and have cotton wicks. Moi-Meme has selected five different scents that are Autumnal so you could of received; Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cinnamon, Maple Cinnamon, Warm Vanilla Cotton or Firewood. I got given Pumpkin Spice and I was delighted with that choice. The candle itself smells INCREDIBLE! If Autumn had a scent it would be this candle for sure. It’s got a fragrance of fresh pumpkin, a spicy blend of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon with added sweet vanilla, sugar and warm Tonka Bean. I love it so much and have already started burning it. I even popped over to Moi-Meme’s Shop and brought myself a couple of the other different scents to try them out, as they sounded delicious and they are also just as incredible. I will definitely be buying from this brand in the future.

JOMA JEWELLERY Selection Of Gold And Silver Jewellery – £14/£19OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMoi-Meme have chosen a selection of earrings, bracelets and necklaces in gold and silver from the Joma Jewellery range and the one they picked for me I would of chosen for myself… I received the Silver Aurora Star Necklace. The other products you could receive are; Silver Amara Ripple Earrings, Silver Amara Ripple Bracelet, Gold Amara Ripple Earrings, Gold Amara Ripple Bracelet or Gold Alexis Bar Necklace. They are stunning pieces of jewellery and I particularly love the one that I received. I love anything stars so this was the perfect piece for me. I already own a few Joma Jewellery pieces and they are good quality at an affordable price, they also make beautiful gifts for others. 

NATURALLY EUROPEAN Lip Balm – £5OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt this time of year a good lip balm is a must! The cold weather can do so much damage to our precious lips and it’s important to keep them hydrated so I am pleased to see a lip balm from the brand Naturally European included. Again Moi-Meme chose a selection of fresh and uplifting flavours to keep the lips soft and hydrated, I received mine in Grapefruit but you could receive yours in; Ginger & Lime, Elderberry, Blackcurrant, Mint or Pomegranate. This lip balm will really help protect my lips from the harsher weather and I can’t wait to try it out.

COCO PZAZZ Chocolate Bar 80g – £3OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYummy! A little chocolate treat from Coco Pzazz. I received the Rose & Raspberry Dark Chocolate one but the other selection of flavours that you could of received are; Peanut Brittle Milk Chocolate, Toasted Almond Milk Chocolate, Ginger Dark Chocolate, Caramel & Honeycomb White Chocolate or Salted Pistachio White Chocolate. I can’t wait to enjoy mine with a warm cuppa!

Overall, there is a really good selection of products for this Autumn box with some good brands included too. If I had to choose a favourite product it would of course be the River Birch Candle and my close second favourite product would be the Joma Jewellery Necklace. The total worth of this box comes to £141! This Autumn box has got me so excited for their next box in Winter! I highly recommend checking Moi-Meme out if you also loved this box and like always I love hearing from you all so feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions of this box down in the comments below. If you receive Moi-Meme subscription boxes yourself then I would love to know what different varieties of products you got in your own box too.


If you are thinking about subscribing to Moi-Meme or want to try out a box then I have a personal code that will give you £5 off your first box! Please Note – This is NOT a sponsored post I buy these boxes with my own money as I fell in love with the box itself. Moi-Meme have given me the chance to give my lovely readers £5 off a first box with this personal code if your interested in subscribing yourself.BEYOUCHAR5-2

A Little Bit More Information… Moi-Meme include products from unique brands and every box they dispatch has a lovely variety of items included. They are slightly different from other subscription boxes as they offer an exchange option for products that have different choices (eg: colour, design, fragrance etc…) so if you’re not happy with the item they picked out for you, you can get your hands on the one you wanted instead. Which is a great addition to a subscription box! If you love the contents of this box and their previous boxes I highly recommend subscribing to them, their boxes are always worth the money. The Moi Meme Luxe box (quarterly box) retails for £54.95 and with every box you always get roughly double the amount you paid for. Or you could opt for their Moi-Meme Monthly box which retails for £22.95. Or perhaps you’ll treat yourself to both!


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