Life’s Real Treasures

This is a beautiful piece. Extremely well written with stunning meaning. I just have to share this work on my blog for others to read and enjoy also! Xx

We seek happiness

In the luxury that we see

When eternal contentment

Is a treasure so free

A venture in the woods

A walk by the beach

Pristine Mother Nature

With so much to teach

We can rush to the finish line

To claim that we’ve won

Or stop to smell the flowers

Before the journey is done

We can chase the big things

While life passes by

Or resurrect our childhood

Enough to lift us up high

We can seek happiness without

And get lost in ‘things’

Or stop for a deep breath

Realising it’s all within

We can bleat at life

And fall deep into its pit

Or watch the sun rise

And be glad that it did


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Down to Earth

Please take some time to read this wonderfully inspiring poem by Sam, it definitely links into what i was speaking about on Sunday’s post! XO

Peacock Poetry

Barefoot Walking – Charlotte’s post

African gospel songs are so earthy and spiritual and as I sit listening to one of the new songs to be learned for our next concert in June, I am reminded of how important our roots and our connection to the earth is. I wrote this poem a few months ago about a lady who is very connected to the ground beneath her! On reading Charlotte’s beautiful blog entry about walking barefoot (link above picture), I was inspired to include this poem in today’s post.

Juanita’s feet are on the ground

She dances to a tribal sound

She feels the roots beneath her feet

And Mother Earth makes her heart beat

Juanita’s hair is long and wild

She has a Zulu inner child

She’s orange flame and earthy red

She lives her heart, ignores her head

The limitations of the mind

Are useless to the…

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